New Borderlands Character - Harper as the Major General!

For those excited for Bunkers and Badasses!

We would like to premiere our first character - Harper as the Major General for our Bunkers & Badasses roleplaying game session, played by Abby Edwards.

She's the highest ranked Torgue employee under Mr. Torgue himself. She's not particularly fond of him, but tolerates him for the paycheck. Hey, a jobs a job right?!

Also, dying her hair, brand colors, gave her a nice reward, or as Mr. Torgue said,

"I LIKE YOUR ****** HAIR! DYE THAT **** AND ILL GIVE YOU MONEY. MONEYYYYYYY!!!!!!! *Numerous fake guitar sounds*"

Harper as the Major General - Bunkers and Badasses Borderlands.jpg

So, what’s your first impression of Harper? We would love to hear from you!

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