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“You are one of the most honest and true to yourself people, I've had the pleasure of knowing. You're filled with creativity and the drive to make the world a better place through tabletop games.” -John White

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We don’t just care about games. We care about you. Vindicated Entertainment not only makes great games, but we have a wonderful and thriving community!

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Our Fantastical Games

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Otherworlds® RPG

looking for Adventuring, vampires, & lightning swords?

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Spellslingers™ Card Game

Looking for a card game you can play anytime & Anywhere?

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Legendaria™ Text RPG

Looking to play a tabletop RPG from your phone?

3. Have Fun!

Thank you Vincent Baker for being the genius behind this whole thing as well as the role you play in my personal life. I am constantly amazed and inspired by your drive, creativity, and ability to bring people together in one of the purest forms. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your creativity and know that I will continue to support you and your dreams any way that I can. -Blake Peoples

Also, did We mention that we love hosting gaming events?!

  • Hosted more than 500 organized events.

  • Hosted for more than 1,000 people!

  • More than 2000 hours worth of experience hosting gaming events!

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What’s inside the vault?!

  • Otherworlds: Beyond Imagination is a beautifully detailed artwork, filled with many illustrations and lore from the Otherworlds Roleplaying Game.

  • The Trick or Treat RPG perfect for those who want a simple, fun, Halloween roleplaying game, created by Vincent Baker himself and exclusive to vscribers!

  • Have diverse encounters in your RPGs, with our random weather generation .PDF that can be used for ANY roleplaying game.

  • Personalized content and messages you’ll get directly from Vincent on a once a week basis on Wednesday (and maybe an extra email, when it’s something really cool or special!)

  • And whatever other free things I feel like including in the future. :)



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