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Otherworlds is a future fantasy adventure! You’re an Otherworlder - a wielder of a powerful ancient relic that allows you to travel between worlds. These artifacts along with many others have become active ever since The Awakening.

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 ✦ 9 Playable races ranging from elves to vampires! 

 ✦ 3276 combinations to create your own class - meaning your character will be and play unlike any other! 

 ✦ 840+ awesome abilities to utilize.

 ✦ Mix & match enemy variants to create variety in combat.

 ✦ 12 Unique worlds to discover, all with immersive details to flesh them out! 

 ✦ Lethal & fast combat - keeping players at the edge of their seats instead of hitting blocks of health!

 ✦ Reactive combat - allowing players to engage in the fight, even when it's not their turn (meaning no more players on their phone!)

 ✦ Easy and customization system - perfect for new Game Masters eager to run a system that works for them.

 ✦ Friends & Enemies section so you'll never have to be alone again!

 ✦ Armory section so your character can be outfitted in their Sunday best.

 ✦ And more! 

  1. What Dice System Does Otherworlds Use?
    Otherworlds uses 1d6. However, some abilities will call for multiple dice to be rolled. Additionally, dice “explode,” meaning anytime you roll a 6, you continue rolling. This is true for any roll made during the game.

  2. Why Just 1d6?

    Otherworlds uses 1d6 for many reasons. For one, it’s incredibly simple. When showing Otherworlds to newcomers to the hobby, they’ve latched onto the idea incredibly fast and enjoyed it. I think the hobby of tabletop RPGs can be a bit of a barrier, so I wanted to remove as many barriers as I could. Everyone is familiar with the d6 and knows exactly what to roll for everything - a d6! Growing up with limited resources, a few d6 was all I had, so many games I made, involved 1d6. We had more fun with that then just about anything else I’ve done, so I didn’t feel a need to change it. The ability to add and subtract dice, while paired with exploding dice, leads to plenty of variety, especially since many rolls are opposed. Also, having to not look for various dice types, saves time for quicker gameplay. Sticking to d6 means many numbers are between 1-12, including attributes. This leads to opportunities where players and World Masters can create new classes, enemies, weapons, and more and with relative ease and have it be balanced within the game. I’ve had several first time World Masters create content for Otherworlds, just after one session and it works - which I find exciting!

  3. Does Otherworlds Use Miniatures?
    The game can be used with miniatures or without! I personally use them about 50% of the time.

  4. Is There Magic In Otherworlds?
    Yes, although it is referred to as “Astral” or “The Astral”. Astral is a force, which some believe to be living that is a part of all life. This magical aura can be interacted with to conjure fireballs, transmute creatures, and so much more!

  5. What Genre Is Otherworlds?
    At its heart, it’s what we call a “future fantasy”. To us this means it’s roughly 75% fantasy and 25% sci-fi (different from what many know as science fantasy, which is largely sci-fi with some magic thrown in). In addition to future fantasy, due to the nature of traveling to different worlds, Otherworlds can be political, cyberpunk, steampunk, gothic horror, survival and many more!

  6. Is Otherworlds Already Released?
    Yes. You can purchase Otherworlds Zero in our shop to acquire the rules, a sample adventure, and premade characters. There’s also a Character Creation demo and full guide you can acquire. There is currently no monster manual, but there is a conversion PDF available for free that will convert your d20 monsters into Otherworlds baddies! We’re looking to launch a Core Rulebook on Kickstarter in 2019 (date TBA). Those that have purchased Otherworlds Zero and/or the Character Creation Guide will receive a discount.

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Your happiness is very important to us. We believe in our product and we believe you like what we do, so we trust you. If you don't think we did a good job or delivered on what we promised, then we'll refund you 100%. Just simply email us at vincentsbaker@gmail.com with what was unsatisfying, so we can continue to grow. Thank you so very much! *Offer valid up to 30 days after purchase.

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"For the first time ever, I'm fully satisfied with my character." -Tim Spearman

While Otherworlds is a simple RPG, the character creation options are vast.

To create your character, you'll follow these 6 basic steps.

  • Roll 6 Dice and apply them to the 6 attributes in the game: Strength, Dexterity, Toughness, Intelligence, Wisdom, Resolve.

  • Race

  • Class.

  • Background.

  • Traits.

  • Equipment 

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Remember when you were a kid and you imagined all sorts of crazy things? Yeah, me too! Otherworlds is my embodiment of that, plus my modern inspirations. 

It’s taken a lot of hard work to get Otherworlds to where it is now. I’ve hosted over 500 events with hundreds of different people and over the years, I’ve learned a lot. Not only about Otherworlds, but about game design in general.

We need your help making Otherworlds bigger and badder than it already is! With your support on this Kickstarter, we're able to add more content - including artwork and writing, there's no better time! Plus, you'll get Otherworlds X - A PDF exclusive to Kickstarter campaigns, featuring amazing characters, such as Rosaline and Vayne!

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“I love the races, the classes, and the overall customization of the characters to make them unique! I’m glad I pulled the trigger and bought the pdfs and look forward to any updates you’ll make!” -Marcus Gray

Otherworlds Zero will teach you the basics of the game, as well as give you characters and an adventure to play in. Once you're finished with that, spook yourself with the Zomquatch expansion, to see how you match up against him!

Once you get the hang of things, try putting your imagination to the test, by creating your own Otherworlds Character, using the Character Creation Guide. 

If you're looking for a public event, you can request events here.

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