An All new game that mashes fantasy with history…

"Story-based, social-driven elements are my favorite parts of RPGs, which is why Legendaria was such a blast." -Ando Poore of AndoCon
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Legendaria™ is a social deduction RPG that's played over a mobile device, using a messenger app.

In this game, each player secretly plays a Legend throughout history. This Legend can be anyone from Spartacus to Alice from Wonderland!

Players will have to find balance between investigating others, going on quests to obtain new gear, and prevailing difficult battles, to become victorious! 

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Q: I don't understand how this game is played. 
A: That's okay, no one does until they play. We promise as soon as you begin playing, it'll all "click" for you. If it doesn't you can leave the game at anytime and we can have your character "automated", meaning we'll control them.

Q: How long does Legendaria take to play?
A: Great question! For a player, the game takes anywhere between one to five text messages. This varies based on personal time and what you wish to do with the game. Nevertheless, as long as you can send one text message every 12 hours, you'll have enough time to actively play Legendaria.