Legendaria Core Rulebook Plus

Legendaria Core Rulebook Plus


Gain access to everything you need to play Legendaria, plus four expansions!


  • All Rules Needed to play Legendaria

  • 99 unique Legends ranging from Merlin, Salem, Hamlet, and Phantom of the Opera!

  • Battle For Camelot Expansion

  • A Twisted Tale Expansion

  • Welcome to Salem Expansion

  • The Dark Arena Expansion

  • A player's guide – perfect to send to your players for Legendaria!

  • A World Master section, perfect for running the game!

  • Friends & Enemies Sections (covering everything from ogres and dragons!)

  • Several pages of Equipment!

  • Several pages of Quests!

  • 16 Game Modes!

  • 6 Templates to help you design your own Legend!

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If and when the rules, art, formatting, or otherwise other changes are made to this document, then it'll be offered completely free.