Confirmed Legends of Legendaria

Cerberus vs Remus web.jpg

As of 11/27/18 these are the confirmed Legends of Legendaria.

The Undefeated Miyamoto Musashi
The Ravenous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok 
The Rainbringer Spartacus 
The Maid of Orléans, Jeanne d'Arc
The Strong and Brave, Hua Mulan
The King of Rome, Romulus 
The Demon Swordsmith, Sengo Muramasa
The Handcuff King, Harry Houdini
The Angel Alchemist, Edward Kelley
The Gold-Cursed, King Midas 
The Imaginative Alice from Wonderland

Which Legend are you most excited for?! We have plenty more to show you, but we also what to keep some of them a great surprise, because WOW these are cool!

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