Introducing: Bunkers & Badasses IS Coming To Your Tabletops!

Bunkers & Badassess - The Borderlands RPG. Rules light. Fast paced. Deadly combat.

Borderlands Bunkers and Badassess RPG

That's right! After receiving tons of views on my original post on the Otherworlds website last year about the idea of creating a Bunkers & Badasses game inspired by Borderlands, I got a lot more attention than I usually do.

Borderlands is an I.P that holds a special place in my heart. I know like many of you, we wish to be able to bring Borderlands to life on the tabletop. This would allow us to create our characters, forge our own stories, and connect with friends over Borderlands in a way we have never done before!  

It's because of this, I’m working with my team to release a completely free Bunkers & Badasses tabletop RPG in .PDF form on our website.

This game will feature content expanding all games in the series, but will be focused mostly on the first game content wise and we will go from there.

This game will be completely playable and complete with rules.

It will be using a modified version of the Otherworlds RPG system to play, to fit the game's needs better. You won't need any Otherworlds materials to play Bunkers & Badasses. 

Additional content will bring more focus to the later games in the series and will be released according to public reception (i.e. very popular, means much more free content).

Players can expect to play as the hulking Berserker, the clever Hunter, the diligent Soldier, or mysterious Siren class. 

You will be able to create your own character.

The game will be light on rules, simple to play, and have a major feel of Borderlands to match its tone. Exploration will be quirky and fun. Combat will be intense, fast, and deadly. 

I hope you're as excited as I am for this! 

Stay Awesome,
Vincent Baker

Update: We are working on a live video gameplay session and will definitely have this released for that. Want the latest news? Subscribe.

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