The Timeline of Otherworlds


The Awakening happened - ancient artifacts from a civilization long past, has activated relics scattered across the many worlds. This has given those high in power or lucky enough to acquire a wanderer, to travel between worlds. 

• BA: Before Awakening
• AA: After Awakening
• ??? (Event Not Yet Revealed. Three Letter Code Name)
• Adventure: This notable event is based on a current Otherworlds Adventure or one that is in development. 
• Major Event: This is a period of time with drastic consequences for the world and perhaps even the universe.

The Thousand Years War: 1000BA -0
A massive war that lasted several centuries. This war was mostly a gridlock, but the constant pressure of war led to depression and hard time among the land. The war was finally stopped when the appearance of an alien arrived. The nations banded together to overcome the invader. They have since entered into an era of prosperity. 
The Awakening: 0
The marking of when the alien arrived. During this event, artifacts across the universe activated. Gates and wanderers open up travel between the worlds.

The Discovery Age // Alliances: 0-88 AA
The time of prosperity after the Awakening. During this time, worlds discovered the presence of others and began forming relations both in world and with other worlds.

??? NDW ???: 89AA - 96AA
??? ZAX ???: 100AA
A Dam Shame: 87AA (Adventure)
A band of adventurer's are formed as Vindicators. A team assembled by a mysterious billionaire. This group took down the Bridge-Burners.
The Oasai Ruins: 86AA (Adventure)
A ruin with a strange power source on Foragana is attracting the attention of many natives and the power company RYZE.
Into The Black Tides: 86AA (Adventure)
Captain Vayne - Vexus' sister, takes command of the privateers and seek the Black Seas to stop all criminal activity.
Tomb of the Lost: 86AA (Adventure)
Brizgar and his team investigate a tomb on Arcwyn, encountering Vivan, the nightblade. 
Those Cannons!: 84AA (Adventure)
Captain Longfang - appointed by the new king Vexus of Transel has formed a group to kill war criminals that's escaped out into the sea.
Blood Rebellion: 82AA - 84AA (Major Event)
A resistance formed mostly of werefolk and some human aid that's fighting against King Ravnos's tyranny. 
Fates Forged: 82AA (Major Event)
Major events that's tied to Yamanoko and the dragon of the dawn and dusk.
The Raktii War: 75AA - 85AA (Major Event)
A conflict of several sections of raktii fighting among one another. Peace was finally achieved when the King's health was restored and his rule established through the aid of a brave group of adventurers. He ruled for an additional ten years before passing from old age.  
Blackheart's Defeat: 54AA (Major Event)
The killing of Captain Blackheart - captain of the Black Seas of Transel. 
Zomquatch: 22AA (Adventure)
The earliest stories of the looming danger of the Zomquatch have dated back as far as 22AA. This zombie sasquatch hybrid is savage, tales told that it comes when people are asleep at kidnaps them and kills them. 
King Ravnos' Rule: 100BA - 84AA (Major Event)
The ruler of the ruthless king of Transel. His rule was cut short when his captain, Vexus betrayed him during the Blood Rebellion.