Getting Started with the Otherworlds RPG

Hey! So, Otherworlds not only has one heck of a cool and unique universe, but the game itself is easy, straight forward, fast paced, and has a lot of options for those that like creating characters.

If you're interested in playing Otherworlds you'll need a few things, so that's why I'm here, to help you get started:

1. Purchase Otherworlds Zero: This is the starter guide for Otherworlds. It details the rules of the game for adventuring, combat, and general play. It also has a sample adventure and characters, so you dive right into the game! 
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2. Download the free Otherworlds Game Guide: This sorts the most important details in a distilled fashion. This is also perfect for handing out to your players.
Here's My Game Guide! 

If you like what you're seeing so far or you just want to go all in, then here's some additional content to enjoy! 

3. Checkout the Otherworlds Character Creation Demo: This is a taste of character creation. You'll have access to make several types of characters from the demo!
Character Creation Demo

4. Pickup A Dam Shame and the Zomquatch Challenge! Between the sci-fi robot terrorist fest and hunting a zombie sasquatch through the woods, you should find enjoyment.  
A Dam Shame
Zomquatch Challenge

Extra Materials: Scratch paper, pencil/pen, six sided dice

You can learn more about Otherworlds on the Official Website

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