A Dam Shame Adventure (PDF)

A Dam Shame Adventure (PDF)


Written by Clark Harper and designed by Vincent Baker, "A Dam Shame" is a future fantasy adventure module. Helicopter rides, mercenary bots, and eight downloadable jazz music tracks included!

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A Dam Shame (ADS) is a science fantasy adventure built for the Otherworlds RPG system and is for adventurers of any level - thanks to the easy to use Challenge Rating system Otherworlds uses. A Dam Shame features 8 special downloadable music composed by the talented Sweeps, to add another level of depth to your gaming adventures!  

To play A Dam Shame, you will at least need The Otherworlds Gaming Guide (Free) which covers the basics of the game. Otherworlds Zero is preferable, however, as it dives much deeper, plus comes with the Oasai Ruins adventure and pre-generated characters. 

When you're ready, you'll be able to create your own characters using the Otherworlds Character Creation Guide, which is in early access.