Otherworlds Zero PDF (2018 Edition)

Otherworlds Zero PDF (2018 Edition)


This quick-start guide features the core rules of the Otherworlds System! 

It includes: The Oasai Ruins Adventure, optional encounters. Six playable characters. Detailed backstories and relationship dynamics noted in the book, to make the story come to life, and so much more!

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This will be the launching off point for a new and professional line of Otherworlds products being released, and we couldn't be happier with where all of the hard work has gotten us!

If you're wondering what Otherworlds has to offer, then check out the game's features and benefits:

• D6 System: A simple d6 system that allows you to handle any situation with a simple roll of a d6, that doesn't get in the way of the story, but rather lends towards it. 

• Dynamic Combat: Combat utilizes opposed rolls, so you always feel more involved in the
action! Combat Maneuvers, are special feats you can perform and keep the combat experience fresh and ever-changing to prevent stale combat!

• No Two Are The Same: Imagine and play the character you want to play as. Acquire new abilities in an open way, where your character's progression isn't picked for you by a chart allowing you to have the ultimate freedom for character building!

• Enhanced Story: Choose your character's Destiny, which will guide their evolving story throughout your adventures. Character connections, personality traits, convictions, and secrets will add many layers to the story that's being created.

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Update: 02/14/17
After much appreciated feedback, we've added a basic equipment section to add to the foundation to the game. Additionally we fixed some gramatical and design errors. 

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