Are There Any Tabletop RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics?

Do you feel that? That deep, infuriating, and grief that surrounds not having a playable Final Fantasy Tactics sequel? I mean sure, there's A1 and A2, but they aren't the same (even though the added races are a nice addition)!

A beautiful piece of art that I actually have displayed in my office!

A beautiful piece of art that I actually have displayed in my office!

I'm a huge tabletop roleplaying game fan. I'm sure you too, have found yourself enjoying a good turn based roleplaying game, with deep story, rich lore, and tactical combat.

So, it made me think, you probably aren't aware that there's a marvelous system out there for playing a Final Fantasy Tactics inspired RPG.

It's called Otherworlds and it's amazing (full disclosure I'm biased, but it doesn't mean I'm not 100% correct)

So, why would Otherworlds be the right option for you?

1. It's the Creator's Favorite Game

You heard that right. The guy who wrote and designed Otherworlds, also REALLY loves Final Fantasy Tactics. It's his absolute favorite game, so it's no wonder, that he'd be inspired by the game and it shows in his work.

2. Like class customization?

Otherworlds has a rich "mix and match" style class system that's closer to a Final Fantasy job system than a typical, more rigid class system.

3. Tactical combat 

Instead of just spamming normal attacks, reducing bards of health, Otherworlds employs actual tactics to the fight. In every encounter you'll have multiple options at hand that will change based on the enemies you fight, the terrain, weather, and more! 

4. Sounds like a it too much?

Just as Vincent (Otherworlds creator) plated Final Fantasy Tactics at the age of 7, not understanding the more complex systems (like the Zodiacs), he still was able to play and beat the game. The idea behind this is having a game that's "simple" enough to play, but has so much depth with it, that you don't know or understand until YOU want to dig and dive deeper into it, in which case, you'll find infinite possibilities.

5. Love the rich story?

Vincent loves world building, rich plots, tales of betrayal, and moments of serenity. Otherworlds' worlds give a depth and richness found in Final Fantasy Tactics, so you can have very interesting campaigns! 

But WAIT you may ask. You may be worried because Otherworlds features "tech", especially guns. Luckily, Final Fantasy Tactics has guns as well and to translate them is easy. 

As for game support, you have our Discord community, which is growing each and every day. We're super friendly and interactive and are building more and more content and we welcome you - oh amazing FFT fan!

Don't wait another day to stay in love with this game, that means so much to us. You can get your copy of the Otherworlds rules here and character creation here. And most importantly. you can join us here.