A Kingdom Hearts Card Game

Years ago I created a fan-made (completely unofficial) Kingdom Hearts card game. This was made completely for personal use and has not been sold. I haven’t made money from at all.

The Rules

  1. Every player chooses a Hero to play (rather it be random or not). The Hero is you. Each Hero has an affect that will change the play style of your game.

  2. A World is determined at random. This world will also add an effect, affecting all players!

  3. Place 1 card from the shuffled Encounter deck in front of player 1. This is the encounter they must face by rolling 1d6. If the 1d6 is equal to or higher than the encounter, then the Hero wins the encounter, acquiring a Treasure card! The Hero then may go to stage 2, which is 2 Encounter cards. For every Encounter beat, an equal amount of Treasure is gained based on stage. So if a Hero beats stage 2, they receive 2 Treasure. A Hero may go to as many stages as they want, one at a time. If a player chooses to not go any further into the encounter, then they acquire as many points as what stage they are on. If a player loses an Encounter, they lose all points (but still keep the treasure).

  4. Treasure has item cards such as “Keyblades” which can be used to gain extra power. You can only use Keyblade effect at a time. Other items are discarded after use, similar to magic cards, which are spells that can be played from your hand to help you with encounters. Ally cards are played next to your Hero and discarded after their effect is used. Nobody cards are encounters you can play onto your opponents to make things more difficult for them.

  5. First to 13 points wins the game!

If you’re interested in getting the game for your personal use, you can for free at the link below in our Discord channel.