Otherworlds Character Creation Guide (PDF)

Otherworlds Character Creation Guide (PDF)


We took your feedback and made this awesome beauty! Say hello to the new Otherworlds Character Creation Guide! Now easier to use than ever before. 

This 102 page guide features the following in beautiful detail:
• 9 Playable Races
• 27 Subraces
• 12 Classes
• 10 Subclasses
• 28 Skill Branches
• 7 Character Backgrounds
• 6 Pages of Characteristic Traits
• Equipment Section

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“I love the races, the classes, and the overall customization of the characters to make them unique! I’m glad I pulled the trigger and bought the pdfs and look forward to any updates you’ll make!” -Marcus Gray

100% Money Back Guarantee

We fully understand that you can purchase our .PDF, say “it sucked” and get your money back, but we believe in our product and we believe you like what we do, so we trust you. If you don't think we did a good job or delivered on what we promised, then we'll pay you back. Just simply email us at vincentsbaker@gmail.com with what was unsatisfying, so we can continue to grow. Thank you so very much! *Offer valid up to 30 days after purchase.

Free Updates

If and when the rules, art, formatting, or otherwise other changes are made to this document, then it'll be offered completely free.