Wait, Spider-Man In Legendaria?!

Hey! Are you excited for Legendaria?! We sure are! If you’re not sure what Legendaria is, you can read about it here.

TL;DR: You are summoned as a Legend throughout time in a battle to the death. You’ll need to use your cunning wits and battle prowess to emerge victorious!

While, we do have Spartacus and Alice from Wonderland among many more. We got to thinking, “what if we had superheroes, such as Spider-Man?!”

We hope this implementation of Spider-Man can inspire you to create your own fan-made Legendaria content!

Disclaimer: Spider-Man, Peter Parker, or any other Marvel related property is not officially affiliated with Legendaria, Vindicated Entertainment, or anything else we do. This is a public, fan-made take on the character.

The Legend: Peter Parker was designed by Trey Falco with some minor inclusions from Vincent Baker.

The Legend: Peter Parker was designed by Trey Falco with some minor inclusions from Vincent Baker.

Name: Peter Parker; Spider-Man

Class: Striker (The class defined by long range precision)

Biography: A high school student from Midtown High. While on a school field trip, he was bitten on the hand by a radioactive spider, which imbued him with the abilities that make him Spider-Man. After the death of his Uncle, he finally takes full responsibility of the power that he’s gained and uses it to help the people of New York - because, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Physical Appearance: A young man with neatly kept brown hair. While Spider-Man, he’s dressed in a blue & red suit with the logo of a spider on the chest, and across his back. A “webbing” design runs the entire length.

Roleplay Trait: Highly intelligent, and quick on your feet. You typically use quips/sarcastic humor to deal with almost every situation.

Heroism (Weakness): Due to your unwavering morals, you must help those in need. As such, if a civilian is put in danger, you must save them, regardless of the danger this may cause to you. You lose edge on “Defense” checks while saving a civilian, and must ignore your Spider Sense. (Every Legend in Legendaria has a weakness that they will have to consider when playing. Some are simple, such as fire, Peter’s falls more towards his heroic nature.)

Equipment: Blue and red spandex hero costume with a spider design across the front chest. Web Shooters.

(Stats of all Legends add up to a total of 30 and each individual stat has a maximum of 12. Some Legends may have abilities to alter this limitation.)
Attack: 10 Defense: 7
Magic Attack: 0  Magic Defense: 0

Investigation: 7
Stealth: 6


Web Zip: You use your web shooters to pull yourself towards a location. If used on an enemy Legend you drop within 100ft. of them, allowing you to move within melee range in 1 turn, rather than 3.
Spider Sense: Gain edge when rolling for “Defense” or “Magic Defense” on an incoming attack. Additionally, if you roll a 5 or 6, you automatically evade the attack and take no damage. Subdue: Make an attack check using your web shooters against an enemy Legend. If successful, the Legend is bound and immobilized, unable to roll for defense. At the beginning of each turn, they may make an attack check of 14 to break free. (Action)
Ultimate Spider (Limit Once): Make a ranged attack check against an enemy Legend. If successful, this attack deals damage equal to their Defense x 2 (ignoring their Defense and roll). If this fails, the Legend takes half that amount rounded up instead. Additionally, you may reuse this skill again after defeating a Legend.

(Limit once refers to once per game. Some final abilities, otherwise known as “ultimates” can be used multiple times or they may say “limit once per day”.)

So! What questions do you have for us in regards to Legendaria? Would you enjoy playing Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man?

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