Legendaria: First War part 4

Welcome to Legendaria: First War part 4! Haven't read the first three parts? Read them here.

Today's story begins with Ragnar finding himself at odds with the mysterious summoner who can kill people simply by speaking their name. Things get only more interesting when the archangel arrives. 

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Day 7: A Night At The Museum

Loud stomps echo through the halls of the history museum. Summoner turns the corner addressing the behemoth of a man who just made his presence known - Ragnar.

The barbaric warrior speaks, “Fancy place I see. In my day, I would have been all too happy to raid this place and take all its knowledge for myself.”

“You are amusing viking. Why have you come here?”

“Amusing you say? How so?”

“You just say a lot of things that crack a smile on the faces of others. I admire that.”

“That is good. So what have you found? Any weapon that can slay a god?”

“I do not have any such weapon, but I do not feel threatened. I have other means of dealing with them.”

“What might that be? My axe has yet tasted blood.”

“I have an ability that allows me to kill any warrior, regardless of their power.”

“Interesting, how would one output such damage? For me to be surrounded by such things feels exciting, yet infuriating. To be a mere man and fight such things is truly a challenge. If anything, would you explain to me how such an ability works?”

“A magician never reveals his secrets. Listen, I'm sure my friend, you're feeling a surge of confidence. But I must ask you quell your urges, lest you perish here on this night.”

“I am but a man with no more power than the strength of my sword arm and the honey words of a leader who loved his people to the end. To learn that I fight against gods disturbs me greatly. Are there truly no warriors left with no such powers or tricks, willing to fight toe to toe with me?” Ragnar places his hand lightly on Summoner's shoulder. “I belong in such a place. A relic long past his time. It saddens the heart to see these days come as they are. Ragnar smiling and kind, continues speaking, “Friend, you and I would have worked so well together in another time and place as comrades. I wish you well.”

Ragnar goes for a massive headbutt attack, but the attack goes through the head of the illusory Summoner.

The Summoner lifts his eyes towards the hulking berserker, “tread carefully Viking. One more act against me will result in your demise. You'll never taste the battle in which you seek in a fight with me.”

“I am not a man so easily deterred by cheap tricks.” Ragnar positions himself to summon the great axe – Ragnarok. Lightning crackling and surging from all angles. The axe manifests within his hands and with it great power. He leaps for a mighty attack of his blade.

“Well, Ragnar Lothbrok, it was nice knowing you,” the Summoner smiles.

Ragnar noticed something strange and his axe fell from his hands. He dropped to the ground, reaching for his heart. The grip on Ragnar's heart tightened, it's pressure unrelenting. Ragnar positioned his fists to swing at the Summoner, but the strength left them, dropping his arms to his sides. His breath gave way. Ragnar's vision went black, the man collapsed to the ground.

Day 8: A Night At The Museum II:

Seeking for the fiend known as Summoner, Paladin made his way into the History Museum after days of searching.

Summoner steps from the corner and speaks, “What a wonderful surprise!”

“Ready to die fiend?” Paladin declared.

“Patience never hurt anyone my friend.”

“I'm no friend of yours.” Paladin summoned his sword to his hand.

“You mean to actually kill me? Listen, I could so easily as speak your name and you'd fall before me right here and now.”

Paladin began to sweat, positioning his sword tightly between both hands. “You lie.”

“The assassin Mulan died by hands and so did the berserker Ragnar. Need I give you a first hand demonstration?”

Paladin was puzzled, if Summoner really did possess such a power, then why not just kill him? “Why do you tell me this?” Paladin questioned.

“Because in dark times, a fellow's got to add a little humor here and there.” Paladin was still puzzled at the Summoner's response, but believed him all the same. He dematerilized his sword and spoke,

“Very well, what will you have me do?”

“Fight Odin for me.”

“Wait!” Paladin was shocked as he began picturing the man in grey. “That man? That man is Odin?!”

“Yes, he is, I believe this is distasteful to you?”

“Why yes it is. Odin shall be smited by hands, regardless of any alliance we may share. Heed my words Summoner, I'll follow along for now, but you will fall by my blade.”

“Yes, yes, I've heard it before. Now go on!” Paldain left the museum in search of Odin.

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