Meet the Legend: King Midas

Welcome my friends to our third week of Meet The Legend!

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King Midas is the Druid class.

His left arm is armed(?) with his infamous Midas touch, allowing him to turn anything he touches to gold. In our story, after accidentally turning his daughter to gold and learning that he would die without removing his curse, he sought the help of the gods. 

During his journey to remove the curse, he impressed the gods and they agreed to lift his curse. However, during this time, his kingdom was being attacked by Cimmerians invaders. Needing to be there for his people, he made a deal with the gods to keep the curse only on his left arm and use this curse as a force for good. When he returned, his kingdom had fallen and so did his family. Midas yet again, felt like he was a mistake. In his fury he killed the remaining Cimmerians forces, slaughtering hundreds. Afterwards, with nowhere else to go, Midas killed himself by drinking the blood of an ox.

Wow, talk about a dark story. Do you like his design and story?

Strengths: King Midas is a Druid and as such, has a high magic attack and magic defense. He can manipulate low magic defense opponents with his "Rose Blossom" effect, forcing them to end all hostilities towards him. He also can acquire any items he wants with his "Weight in Gold" ability. He should use this to acquire different items to increase his stats, such as better armor to resist physical damage in case someone gets close enough to strike him up close and personal. 

Weaknesses: King Midas has a decent physical attack stat, but a rather poor physical defense stat. Those that can capitalize on this, will be able to deal tons of damage to King Midas. Ideally, a Legend with a high physical attack and magic defense would have an easy time with defeating Kind Midas. 

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