Meet the Legend: Spartacus

Welcome to our second week of Meet The Legend! If you missed last week's article breaking down Alice from wonderland, you can check it out here! 

Now, let's dive into Spartacus! 

Legendaria Banner Spartacus.jpg

Spartacus is the Berserker class.

Wielding his two acinaces swords, this Thracian born slave is ready to take on any challenge set before him! 

Strengths: Relentless in his attacks, Spartacus can attack twice per turn AND gain edge on his attacks. This means, he will have an additional die rolled for each of his attacks and the lowest result from among them will be removed. His physical attack and defense are incredibly high to boot as well! Few can even have a chance at going toe to toe with Spartacus in a one on one melee fight.

Weaknesses: Luckily for the other Legends, Spartacus has no ranged attacks, magic defense, or magic attack. Those that can use powerful ranged attacks and spells might can defeat Spartacus. While it may be temping to attempt to bind him, charm him, or surround him with enemies, we recommend that you reconsider. 

Disclaimer: Legendaria isn't released yet. All Legends and information in this article may be changed by the game's release.