The Nine Classes of Legendaria

Illustrated by Abby Edwards 

Illustrated by Abby Edwards 

Legendaria is our social deduction deathmatch roleplaying game played on your phones! Yes, we're still working on that tag line.

If this sounds crazy or unlike anything you've ever heard of before, then you'd be correct! 

We've been so happy with how playtesting Legendaria has gone thus far, so we wanted to share some information about the game to get you HYPED! 

This article, we'll break down the various classes you'll find in Legendaria and what the differences of those classes entail.

The Classes of Legendaria
There are nine total classes, each belonging to one of three major archetypes. You have the Fighter, Rogue, and Mage archetypes.

The first archetype. This archetype specializes in melee combat and often have high physical attack and defense. They are bruisers and hard to take down in combat. Rogue and Mages will often need to find less direct approaches to win an encounter against a fighter.

Berserker: Defined by relentless rage. 
Paladin: Defined by honor and holy sword skills.
Warrior: Defined by bravery and combat prowess.

This archetype specialize in singling out targets one on one and eliminating them and often having high stealth and investigation. Many Rogues have a significant advantage at gathering information on their enemies and using their weaknesses against them.

Assassin: Defined by their quickness and perception.
Reaper: Defined by their dark powers.
Striker: Defined by their long range precision. 

Magical legends with a high magic attack and defense. Mages offer the most variety. Some spells will allow them to transform the terrain, while others will allow them to cast devastating fireballs or poisonous gas.

Druid: Defined by their connection to both the natural and supernatural.
Summoner: Defined by their ability to summon.
Wizard: Defined by their wit and magical capabilities. 

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