Legendaria: The First War part. 3

Welcome to Legendaria: The First War part. 3! Did you miss the first two parts? Then read here.

Mulan finds herself in the midst of a great war of Legends. Disguising herself as a barbarian, she is summoned by Odin, but for what purpose?

Meanwhile, Ragnar goes into the woods to petition for a deadly and unexpected alliance...

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Day 5: Untimely Results – Assassin

“Tell me, what is it that you see?” the young woman asked a dragon statue that laid in front of her. The dragon statue transformed into a miniature dragon and spoke, “You have been followed, I suggest you watch out. Especially for their effeminate looking guy with the ponytail.”

“Oh, stop worrying so much, you know I can handle myself right?,” The girl known as Assassin replied. This isn't exactly the first time I've been to war before. Besides, I have this now,” she points to a large rocket launcher positioned to the back of the room.

“Yeah, okay, if you say so, just know I warned you a care about you Mulan,” the dragon proclaimed.

“I do say so,” she chuckled. “Now assume form again, today there's a meeting. I have a plan. Just keep watching my back and everything will be golden.” The dragon agreed and turned into a statue form.

Mulan packed her bags and gathered her things. As she headed out of the attic she was secretly living in she saw a mirror. She stared at her reflection for a moment. Thinking about why she's been summoned forth to fight yet again in this war. What was it's purpose she thought.

“Either way, I must continue to bring honor to my family and make them proud,” she thought. “Oh and I can't go out looking like this!” She used her self-transformation spell, completely changing her identity to that of a hulking male barbarian, disguising as the Berserker class.

She went to leave out the window and silently crept below to meet in an abandoned part of town, where the meeting was being held among Legends.

Upon arrival she noticed the man in grey, the one who arranged this gathering. She knew this wasn't the first gathering he's orchestrated. “I need to watch out for him,” she thought to herself. She then peered over and saw who she presumed to be Paladin, Summoner, and Striker, from her intel that she's been gathering. As an Assassin class Legend, she's the best at stealth and gathering information.

The man in grey walks up to the center with great presence and bellows, “Welcome Legends. I'm happy we could all come today.” He then began rambling random verses of poetry.

The fancy man speaks, “enough verses old man, what words do you have to say?”

“Ah yes, my apologies. I wanted to first state that Rollo has in fact been defeated by my hands. Last night we met and in brutal combat, I was able to edge the victory in my favor.”

The group, shocked. Paladin speaking, “I see, so this means our truce is now over? Did you summon us to fight us here?”

The man in grey began laughing, “Now, don't be so serious. Instead, I wish to offer a new arrangement,” he gestured to Assassin in the appearance of a Berserker class Legend.

The fancy man spoke softly but firmly. “Do you mean, Hua Mulan?” He smiled.

Everyone was shocked. How could this barbaric man be Hua Mulan and how would this man know their true identity. Assassin, now exposed as Hua Mulan, reverted form, but not voluntarily. Her mind began racing, but at the same time it felt like the earth was standing still. Her vision began spinning. “I don't feel so good, she thought to herself.”

She collapsed and hit the ground.

“Did she just die?!” Paladin exclaimed. Striker walked over and nudged her with his foot, her body began to lose form, dissipating into magical essence.

“Yeah, she died,” Striker said. He popped a sour candy into his mouth.

“Then, it must have been you!” Paladin turned to face the fancy man with sword conjured to his hands. “You must be a magic caster to have such tricks up your sleeve. I place my bets that you're Summoner.”

The fancy man now discovered as Summoner took a step back and smiled, “you don't mean to tell me that you plan on fighting me here. I thought we were going to have an arrangement. Or do you prefer having a death wish?”

“Hey, I want to fight too!” Striker readied his bow but not before putting a gumball in his mouth.

“Enough idle chat. Call forth your weapon or magic, I aim to slay you right here and now!” Paladin's wings materialized and he took flight going for a strike at Summoner's head. The attack, befalling any person would certainly behead them, but not with Summoner. The sword swept cleaning through his neck, no friction stopping it. The caster stood their with a smile cracked across his face.

“That's the best you've got?” Summoner rejointed. He began to laugh.

“Curse his spells, he's just an illusion,” Paladin stated, after connecting his sword to what would be Summoner's flesh.

Striker put his bow away, “oh then, never mind.”

Paladin spoke to Summoner, “mark my words you fiend, you will be judged not on this day, but soon. Your judgment will not be favorable, of this I swear,” he pointed towards Summoner.

The man smiled, “Of course. I look forward to it. Take care now.” He then left.

Day 6: A New Deal

After Ragnar's deal with Odin, and hearing word of angel, decides to go deep into the woods.

“I'm just a mortal. Why have I been called upon to fight gods and deities,” he pondered. He began setting up a sequence of ancient runes and began an ancient viking ritual. After several hours, he heard no response.

Ragnar stood up. “Very well then.” He went to take his leave.

It was then, he heard a voice speak from the ethereal, “So, you'd see it fit that my father be slain?”

Ragnar puzzled for a moment, before realizing his petitioning had worked.

Ragnar grinned from ear to ear. His confidence found a new high and he spoke, “Yes!” Ragnar turned around with hands raised to the sky above. “I'd see me the victor here. I would stand a chance against the Allfather who would otherwise rend me to pieces. I am but a man, summoned to fight gods. I will fight in earnest, but need help to fight the gods.”

“I see Ragnar, so you mean to tell me, you'd strike down the very god you claim to be the son of?”

“If it means victory, then yes.”

“I see. Well, that is quite the predicament you are in Ragnar. It sounds like an unfair game if you ask me.”

“It is indeed, very much so. I keep wondering why I was called forth to fight the likes of gods. I have even seen Odin himself deal in underhanded schemes. It makes me question things even more. I seek to slay them and stand on top. And would it not be entertaining to bear witness to a single man rock the heavens?”

Loki replied, “My father was never the hero people so love to claim. I'll aid you on this night Ragnar, but know this. If you do defeat my father, I want you to be an ally on my side. Together, we will conquer all. However, should you be befallen to his spear, you will become my retainer, and not my equal.”

“This I can do. Upon my axe and the strength of my sword arm, I swear this oath. Now tell me, what will I be granted to aid me on my quest?”

“Let's just say my father didn't want me getting a hold of this. But, while he was gone, I managed to take something precious from him. Hold out your hand.”

A great axe materializes into Ragnar's hands. It's power immense.

“Here, Ragnar. Suiting to your name, this axe is the embodiment of Ragnarok. It's usually not in this form, but I figured it'd be best suited for you in this way. This axe will have no trouble cutting through any resistances your foes have. May you be victorious Ragnar. Don't disappoint me.”

“I won't lord. You will be most pleased with what occurs.”

“Very well, I'll take my leave.”

Ragnar now takes leave searching to end the Allfather.

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