Meet the Legend: Alice from Wonderland

Welcome to our first Meet the Legend

We are going to introduce a Legend being included into our new game - Legendaria

If you don't know about Legendaria, you can read about it here.

Without further ado, here's Alice! 

Alice from Wonderland - Legendaria Banner.jpg

Alice is the Summoner class.

With aid from the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, she's a formidable opponent. Able to summon the Jabberwock to attack her enemies as well as summoning Wonderland itself! This character is a crazy addition to the roster. 

Strengths: Thanks to her Vorpal Blade, Alice is able to deal great physical and magical damage. This allows her to deal damage to her enemies where it hurts them the most! She also has the Cheshire Cat, which allows her to turn invisible and avoid the dangers of pesky would-be assassins! 

Weaknesses: Alice's Jabberwock summon only hits Legends whose on the ground. If in someway, the Legend is flying, then they will be able to avoid the devastating attack. Furthermore, where Alice has the strength of diversifying her attacks, her weakness is that she's not as incredibly strong as other Legends who specialize entirely on physical or magical combat.  

Disclaimer: Legendaria isn't released yet. All Legends and information in this article may be changed by the game's release.