Yu-Gi-Oh is BACK!

So, if you’re thinking “Yu-Gi-Oh has never left?” then you’re mostly correct. Yes, “technically” Yu-Gi-Oh is still around and relevant, but if you’ve played the game since it’s inception, you’re fully aware the game has changed drastically. I haven’t met anyone say it’s changed for the better. I will however say, I’ve met people who’ve said that it’s just as good though - and I’ll give it that (even though my personal opinion is different).

So, what’s this post about?

It’s about GOAT! A format, where you play all of the game’s greatest cards, played all the way up to 2006 - right before Cyber Dragon (and the rest of its set) was released. You can watch the video below to hear me talk more about it!

So are you excited for this? I know I am? If you want to see us run some Yu-Gi-Oh events, let us know in the comments below. :)