Spellslingers Showdown Tournament Promo Cards!

We're incredibly excited to announce two epic things! 

1. We have the beautiful and talented Abby Edwards extending her job position to that of being one of our primary illustrators. You can expect to see her illustrations more frequently, including on our new card today! 

2. We are releasing our first ever Spellslingers Showdown card! These are promotional cards given to local game stores (for free) for carrying Spellslingers products and running tournaments at their location.

Without further ado, here's our first ever Showdown Promo! 

Spellslinger Character Card - Showdown Aiden Cropped Small.jpg

Looks awesome, right? We're incredibly excited to get "Aiden, Flame Brawler" into your hands! If you're interested, please contact your local game store and let them know. 

They can contact me personally at the following email address: vincentsbaker(at)gmail.com. We do sell products at wholesale cost.