Introducing - A New World: A Deathnote Inspired RPG!


Yep! You heard that right! We here at Vindicated Entertainment are bringing to your screens a Deathnote inspired RPG called "A New World."

We do not own the rights to the artwork used, and borrowed names such as "Deathnote," so this game is being released for free by fans, for fans.

Deathnote Image Game RPG

Kira has returned
Using the incredible Legendaria game system, this fan-made game based on the popular Deathnote series seeks to pit players against each other in a battle of wit! For the first time ever, players will actually feel like they are a part of the Deathnote universe! 

So What Is This?
Great question! This is a new game genre invented by Vindicated Entertainment. We're currently dubbing it a Social Deduction RPG, which uses a combination of social deduction, tabletop roleplaying games, and some mobile text-based game influences. Sound confusing? No worries, this game details all of the information you will need to play. This is sure to be an experience like no other! 

How Is The Game Played?
All players will have a character appointed to them by the Shinigami, otherwise known as the game master. The Shinigami will be running this little adventure and is the bridge between the game and players. Each character’s alias will be its player’s real name; the character’s true name will be randomly selected or chosen by the player. Each player's faction and allegiance will be chosen at random between the Japanese Task Force and the S.P.K. Players will also have four skills randomly selected for them. They then will need to remove a skill they do not want. This gives them some choice in how their character will play. 

A Game of Choice and Tension
Just like the show, this game aims to make you question your decisions, and more importantly, the actions of others! 

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Expect this game to release free to the public via Vindicated Entertainment in August.