A Deep Analysis: New Spellslingers Mechanics

Why hello there! 

It's been awhile since we've mentioned anything new for Spellslingers. If that's what you have been waiting for, well, you are in luck! 

Our next Kickstarter is for Spellslingers: The Big Box. 

Spellslingers: The Big Box is a new stand alone expansion. The Big Box includes the following:
• A nice big box to include three Spellslingers decks; The Fundamentals, Expert Expansion, and Base Game (does not include base game/nor is it required).
Fundamentals Deck: 40 New unique spells. The perfect expansion for all casuals or for teaching players the basics. 
Expert Expansion Deck: 160 New unique spells. The perfect expansion for hardcore Spellslingers fans. Includes new characters, mechanics, and card types.
Bonus Pack!: A bonus pack of cards designed by Kickstarter backers. The better the Kickstarter does, the more value this pack will bring! 

Keep in mind though, we're still playtesting the new cards. Not every card or mechanic we preview is guaranteed to in the final game. 

Enchantments: Special spells that will stay in play for longer than a traditional timed spell will. Enchantments are distinguished by their unique "celestial" card frame.

Spellslingers - Yellow Spell Cards - Expert15.jpg

Teleport: Next up, we have teleport! A new mechanic that allows you to chance locations in the game! "Locations?!"

Yes! Locations will change the way the entire game is affected. Use teleportation cards, when it's advantageous to you! 

Spellslingers Blue Spell Cards - Expert9.jpg

Treasures: A new card type, treasure cards are powerful artifacts players will start the game with. Upon, defeating a player, you will get to loot all of their treasure - making you a more powerful foe! Beware however, cards such as "Roast," will be a threat.  

Spellweave: Many new spells in Spellslingers have the new spellweave mechanic. You will notice these cards by their unique "helix" design. To use spellweave, simply reveal the additional type of magic from your hand at the time of casting this spell. When doing so, you'll add an additional effect to your card! 

Green Spell Cards - Expert38.jpg

For example, Crash Down will always attack all other players. But, if you can reveal a rage spell from your hand, when you cast this card, then you will get the additional effect applied! 

We have MANY new cards to share and even so neat additional mechanics and effects, that we won't reveal just yet. 

We are looking to launch The Spellslingers Big Box on Kickstarter, June 5th, 2018. You can join our event here to not miss an update on it. 

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Stay Awesome! 
Vincent Baker