New Game Announcement! Fate of Legends!

Well, today's the day! 

The day Vindicated Entertainment announces our new game; Fate of Legends

Fate of Legends Vincent Baker

So, what's Fate of Legends?

Fate of Legends is a social deduction RPG, played across messaging apps. We're currently in our beta phase. Our expected full game release will be sometime in 2019. 

You assume the role as a summoned Legend throughout time or tale.

You will have powers suited to your Legend, and a multitude of actions to take in the game. Such actions as going on quests, investigating to find your enemies weaknesses, forming alliances, or engaging in combat. 

The last Legend left standing, will achieve victory and the title of Legends greatest! 

If this sounds crazy, IT IS. Crazy fun that is! 

Can I Play If I'm Not Local?

Yes! You can play Fate of Legends, regardless of where you are, as long as you have internet access! 

We're trying something new. Something we've never seen before, or heard of before. If you're wanting to be among the first to play, you can join our free newsletter below.

We will be accepting first come, first serve, to those that respond to our Newsletter by sending me a link to your Facebook page. You will then be receiving a friend request from me (if we're not already friends on FB). The newsletter sends tonight at 7:00 p.m. (EST).

 We will begin our Fate of Legends testing next month in May.

Currently, we play the game through the Facebook messenger app, which will be required to play Fate of Legends.

So, get ready for battle? I look forward to seeing you there Legend! 
Vincent Baker