Otherworlds Explained

It’s been awhile since I wrote about Otherworlds and I know there’s many people interested in the lore and learning more, but don’t know what’s what. SO I decided to give a quick run down of the most important bits!

Adventurer's who travel from world to world, usually with a wanderer. Otherworlders are distinct in appearance as they often carry with them items from different worlds, making their appearances - interesting to say the least.

For example, most Leogin (lion people) dress shamanistic or have basic armor, since their homeworld is low tech. However, a Leogin that's an Otherworlder might have a sword from the Yamanokan elves and a gun manufactured from the Dyahrin people.

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The Awakening: The event that caused ancient relics from all over the universe to activate. With their activation, it became known to every race that they weren't alone anymore. People could travel and meet new races, forge new friendships, and most notably, encounter new hostiles who threaten their way at life. Each civilization adapted to this in different ways, some seeking knowledge, power, and others seeking profit. One thing they all shared in common however, was an arms race. Using the advanced alien technology as a basis and new focus on arming up, each race has begun manufacturing weapons deadlier than the last.

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Wanderers: Once thought to be junk, these ancient relics have been powered up by the "Awakening" allowing knowledgeable users to ability to travel anywhere else in the universe - including black holes for the unfortunate bastards.

Astral Energy: The life essence of the universe. Astral is a part of every living thing. Those that are sapient are capable of using their astral in supernatural ways, allowing them to warp time, conjure fire, or run at incredible speeds.

Guards: A device that acts as a catalyst for one's astral energy, allowing them to form a transparent force field around them, keeping them safe from attacks - until it doesn't anymore. More powerful guards offer stronger protection.

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Aura: Devices that amplifies one's astral energy. Only one aura may be equipped at a given time.

Dyahri: A race that varies from shades of purple to blue skin. They have white hair and a knack for being smarter than you.

Humans: As adaptable to circumstances as they are poor at excelling at anything.

Leogin: Big, lion-like humanoids capable of destroying your face if it's ever caught in their biceps.

Felix: Nimble critters who love living in tight-knit communities in the trees. What they lack in size, they make up for with wittiness...and stealing.

Raktii: A breed of elves that have hair colors natural to them that are weirder than their name. Raktii are very adaptive to their surroundings and make use of their environments, fashioning every enemy they kill into an asset in one way or another.

Destoka: Souls who have taken the form of spirits. These poor bastards can't seem to move on from this realm for one reason or another.

Vanticar: Dragon people that love fighting as much as they are horny - because you know, they have horns.

Varothan: Vampires that don't sparkle. They do however spill lots of blood, ride giant bats, and some even turn into spiders that would give the dead a heart attack!

Dandrik: Canine-like humanoids that love bein' a lil' rowdy, drinkin', and shootin' fools. I could drink to that.