MASSIVE Legendaria Update!

Alright! It's been a little while since I've last updated you, so I wanted to make it up to you. This update is packed with information!

Writing is 90% complete.
Design is at around 80% complete.
Base artwork is 100% complete. I'm looking to add some of my own illustrations to the game as bonuses as long as I can be happy enough to include them. :)

The game as a whole is seeing its final phases before being completed, meaning we're doing good on time!

There are 99 Legends across the core rulebook and scenarios.

There are 108 Legends if you count the Kickstarter Exclusive Legends and variants.

All of the Kickstarter Exclusive Legends are finalized.

Read below if you wish to know their names.

They are the following:

Kickstarter Exclusive Legends

Gan Ning
Bartholomew "Black Bart" Robert
Handsome Spartacus (Variant)
George S. Patton
Jack, the Ripper
Kato Danzo
Revolutionary Headless Horseman (Variant)

Quite an interesting cast of characters I'd say, wouldn't you? I'm super excited to see these characters brought to life and played in the game! Each Legend has so much to bring to the table!

Which are you most curious to learn about? Which one are you most excited about?

Let me know and thank you again for your patience and support!

Stay Awesome!