New Borderlands Character - Odd Todd the Hunter

For those excited for Bunkers and Badasses!

We would like to premiere our second character - Odd Todd as the Hunter for our Bunkers & Badasses roleplaying game session, played by Trey Falco.

Odd Todd has pulled many odd jobs in his day. Everything from running a Bandit Technical into a horde of venomous Rakk, to scraping up the remains of a lost Echo Recorder from a heaping pile of Skag s#*t. There’s no job too big, or too small for ole Todd - especially if the pay is good.

Though erring on the side of naivety, Todd makes up for his innocence with his brash decisions and a thirst for learning more about the world around him. A bit of an oxymoron, really. Mostly a moron, honestly. trigger cocks Okay, okay… sorry... But, that’s Odd Todd, for you.

A true enigma and a hell of a gunslinger when it comes down to it. Oh, and he wanted me to say something about Enrique here. That’s his Snow Skag pal - 175 pounds of pure eat-your-face-off, and lovable personality. They’ve been together since birth. Or, that’s what Todd claims, anyways. I didn’t even know Skags lived that long. Anyways, I’m done now. Can I go, Todd? rustling Wait.. you said if I recorded this for you, you’d spare my family and let me go! No! Todd! Noooo!!! gunshots

Odd Todd designed by Trey Falco and illustrated by Vincent Baker

Odd Todd designed by Trey Falco and illustrated by Vincent Baker

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