What Happened to Otherworlds?

otherworlds itera banner

I've been getting asked multiple times, "what happened to Otherworlds?" I assume this has been asked because of all of the recent live streams, Spellslingers promotions, vlogs, and just about everything under the "nerd sun" aside from Otherworlds.

Well, there's a few reasons, but let me first say this.

Otherworlds means more to me than any non-living thing in this world. Otherworlds is a manifestation of my childhood, who I've grown up to be, my love of gaming, and so much more. It means everything to me.

I've not given up on Otherworlds. Otherworlds isn't gone.

The sad fact is tabletop roleplaying games aren't as flashy as videos and card games. It's so much easier to sell Spellslingers to someone in 5 minutes, than it is to sell someone Otherworlds in 4 hours.

On another note, I can hand someone a Spellslingers deck (or they buy one) and they play it with their groups of friends, this helps spread the word and excitement about it.

With Otherworlds, there's a lot more work setting up a campaign book and if I don't run it specifically, most people interested won't play.

It currently lives and dies by the amount of attention I give to it, it's just too much weight on the business, when it's in that position.

But there's hope.

I've been taking and investing an ample amount of time into refining the marketing and appeal of Otherworlds, so others see just how beautiful the game really is.

I'm preparing to launch new Otherworlds products that is what people want, need, and even more.

This isn't the end of Otherworlds.

This is just the beginning of new big step for the property.

Stay Awesome!