The Top 13 Anime of 2018

Hello and welcome to my super extra personal anime list. I need to point out that this list is made solely by me (Vincent) and is in no way a reflection of any team members or associates of mine.

This will certainly show my taste in anime (or lack thereof if you would so have that opinion).

I'd like to also mention that before we get started, this list isn’t of anime that have just released in 2018.

This is anime that I've watched in 2018. Many of which are very popular, such as Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man and RWBY. Everything on this list, I had not seen prior to 2018.

With all of that out of the way, lets dive right in!

13. Tokyo Ghoul season 2

Tokyo Ghoul.jpg

Wow. All I can say is wow and I don't mean that in a good way.

This is the only series I'm splitting between seasons because I feel like this one really needed it.

The change in direction, budget, and writing, really shows and makes season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul stand out, with it's two-dimensional characters, focus on the wrong cast of characters, lack of animation, terrible plot decisions and I could go on and on, but we have great anime to talk about instead.

12. To The Forest of Firefly Lights


This short forty minute movie was quite a delight. Even though it's so close to my terribly reviewed Tokyo Ghoul season 2, I actually believe this was an enjoyable watch. It's a charming, mysterious love story and while it's not my personal taste, I can see why others would find this special.

11. The Cat Returns

An older, yet magical film directed by Hiroyuki Morita. I don't really remember much about this movie other than there being a fancy cat and it was a whimsical ride to be a part of. I would recommend this for avid fans of Hayao Miyazaki.

10. One Punch Man

This may be a shocker to many people because I know this is a really popular anime. For me personally, the humor just didn't land as much as it seems to for others.

It relies very heavily on the title character's ability to “one punch” anything he faces. For me, knowing the end result or I dare say, the punchline of most of the jokes, made it less funny for me.

The best arc, was when the main character was missing (which is never a good sign), in which case it was highly compelling and motivating. Another anime on this list was able to take One Punch Man's best moments however and replicate them time and time again. So for now, Saitama, wasn't able to one punch this list...

My goodness I'm corny...


9. Aggretsuko

This was one of the most different shows I’ve watched this year.

This show strikes close to home with its unrelenting mockery of real life situations that we find ourselves in. I enjoy this show for how casual the watch is. I however, prefer different subject matter than work, when I'm not working.

I recommend this show to anyone who has access to Netflix. One episode is all you need to get a good idea for how this show is.


8. Cowboy Bebop

This may be a large shock to many fans. For a lot of people, Cowboy Bebop is their favorite anime of all time. I love most of the music. I love how stylized it is and how many genres this show mashes together.

I could see why this was such a hit back in the day and has remained to be so cherished.

For me, I just wasn't hooked throughout the show. It's good episode to episode, but it wasn't very engaging for me.

While it may have a lot of ideas that were newer at the time, I have since seen similar themes play out in more meaningful and powerful ways. That's why Cowboy Bebop is my number 8 of 2018.

TOKYO GHOUL:re Call to Exist - PlayStation 4
Bandai Namco Entertainment America

7. Tokyo Ghoul season 1

Yes, I enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul season 1 more than Cowboy Bebop. I loved season 1 to a shocking amount. I thought the performance by Austin Tindle in episode one was insanely great. I was interested in ghouls and the morally grey area they lived in. I was invested in Kaneki as a character, experiencing this new world through his eyes, as I had a front row seat. This season was riveting and the only reason why it's not higher on my list is because it ended in a train accident.

I struggle recommending this series to anyone. However, it may be worth watching if you like Psycho Pass, Deadman Wonderland, or Attack on Titan.

attack on titan.gif

6. Attack on Titan seasons 2 and 3

Speaking of Attack on Titan! I remember not being that excited by season 1. I thought it was okay and I remember watching it all. However, because of my lukewarm reaction to it, it caused me to put this series on hiatus. I eventually caved and decided to continue watching and man, I'm really glad I did!

Season 2 gives you some new mysteries and a *few* answers. I recommend Attack on Titan for anyone that loves incredibly exhilarating music, animation, mystery and don't mind seeing death...lots and lots of death.

Attack on Titan: The Last Stand
Publisher Services Inc (PSI)
fate apocrypha.jpg

5. Fate Apocrypha

To my surprise Fate Apocrypha lands at number 5 on my top 13 list. I heard from many other fate fans that this series was mediocre. I however found it to be better than the more popular Unlimited Blade Works. The premise not being centered around a whiny school girl and a boring school boy protagonist, really helped this shine in my opinion.

I’m just so tired of school anime, so maybe that’s just my problem that I’m dealing with as a mid-twenties adult.

However, this show is definitely not without its faults (I'm looking at you Jack the Ripper!). This series also has a similar issues as season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul, by feeling like it's focused on the less interesting characters. However, different from Tokyo Ghoul, it's more boring cast of characters is still more interesting and have more dimensions to their personality and character arcs.

Where Fate Apocrypha stumbles, it also manages to paradoxically succeed. For everything that I could gripe about this show, I have two things that I absolutely love. The animation and suburb is some of my favorite. I recommend this to any fan of fantasy anime.

4. Your Name

Having a movie appear at my number 4 spot is saying high praise for the movie because I almost always prefer series. However, “Your Name” is transformative and magical. Anyone that has emotions should watch this.

Your Name.jpeg
Your Name.
Starring Ry�nosuke Kamiki, Aoi Y�ki, Ry� Narita, Mone Kamishiraishi

Seriously, purchase Your Name and watch it now. Your girlfriend will love it, you will love it, your dog will love it. It’s so great!

3. My Hero Academia

My top 3 might be different any day of the week. Seriously, I didn't want to put these last three in any order. I could very much see myself putting MHA at number 1.

So, why is it number 3? For me it's mostly two things, it's that it's not a finished series and it's not my favorite theme.

MHA is certainly an experience though! It's almost just as much fun being a fan of this series as it is watching it. Going to the theater and watching this was a highlight of my year, as well as watching Blindwave react to it, and I'd recommend this show to any anime fan!

Taken from the first trailer for RWBY. If you think this looks good, the animation only gets better!

Taken from the first trailer for RWBY. If you think this looks good, the animation only gets better!

2. RWBY volumes 1-4

Like MHA, this series isn't completed and I tend to like finished stories to unfinished ones. However, unlike MHA, a fantasy world filled with dark monsters, giant scythes, guns, and magic is right up my alley!

I honestly thought this show was just about four girls who fought with crazy weapons, but really this show has so much more going for it then that. Had I known about the rich lore and amazing world that Monty had built here, I would have given this show a watch sooner.

I recommend this show to anyone who likes Final Fantasy or Harry Potter.

RWBY: Combat Ready
Arcane Wonders

Now it’s time for my number 1 spot… I don’t think you’ll be surprised if you know me…

darling in the franxx.gif

1. Darling in the Franxx

Sharing some aspects of Gurren Lagann, this show really surprised me with the connection to family, friends, and love that it has. Much like Your Name, this show felt like a complete transformative experience for me and had me in tears by the end of this journey. I really need to watch this series again to have a better understanding of its deep, complex, and powerful themes and messages.

The biggest knock against this series for me is I personally prefer fantasy to sci-fi. I enjoy the world of MHA and RWBY more than this world, but I just can't overlook the affect this show had on me and how much it resonated with my soul.

I recommend this show to anyone who likes artful masterpieces.

Well, that’s my list! How offended did you get over my opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and as always.

Stay Awesome!