Spellslingers Tournament at Big Fandom Greenville

Spellslingers will be premiering its FIRST ever tournament at Big Fandom Greenville. Words cannot describe how excited we are for this. 

The question is, do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Spellslinger? The good news is that if you've never played, you can learn more about Spellslingers here. Additionally, we will be offering pickup games throughout the entirety of Big Fandom Greenville - just stop by our booth! 

Spellslingers Vs Tournament Big Fandom Greenville BFG 2017

Entry Fee: FREE (Though you will need a Spellslingers deck. If you do not have one, they will be available for $15.)

Sign Up: We will have sign up sheets. You will only need to put your first and last name and your selected character for the tournament.

Characters: Each Spellslingers deck features 12 Spellslinger Character cards. Each participant will be required to select their preferred character to use throughout the tournament. 

Signature Spells: Each deck includes Signature Spells. You will be able to distinguish a Signature Spell by its unique "cracked" card frame and its Spell Level of 8. Each player will need to choose one Signature Spell to use for the tournament. 

Rounds: Each Spellslingers round will be divided into groups of four. A round is won by winning best two out of three. There will be three rounds until we enter in the semi-finals where it will be one vs. one. 

Once two top players are determined, they will go head to head in the most epic Spellslinger showdown!

Earning Points: Points will be used to determine the winners. Each Spellslinger you defeat will earn you one point. Winning the match will earn you one additional point. 

Prize Support
1st Place: Two Big Fandom Greenville 2018 Badges, One Spellslingers Deck
2nd Place: One Big Fandom Greenville 2018 Badges, One Spellslingers Deck  
3rd Place:  One Spellslingers Deck

Have any questions? Ask us in the comment section below. 

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Have a magical week,
Vincent Baker