Otherworlds: Skill Checks Guide

In Otherworlds you will often times be asked to make a skill proficiency check or often shortened to “Skill Check.” These determine whether or not you succeed at the given task.

Each tasks has a different level of difficulty associated with it. Many tasks are Challenging, which has a difficulty of 15.

However, leveling up your proficiencies helps overcome your odds! Not only do they provide a bonus to your overall roll, but they also increase what you're able to do.

Use the guide below for reference.

1: Balance on a wooden log
2: Balance on a tight rope
3: Balance on a tight rope with light wind
4: Balance on a tight rope with heavy wind

1: Decipher low level spells and magics
2: Decipher moderate spells and magics
3: Decipher powerful spells and magics
4: Decipher masterful spells and magics

1: Climb a tree
2: Climb a pole
3: Climb a building
4: Climb a mountain

1: Craft common level items
2: Craft uncommon level items
3: Craft rare level items
4: Craft legendary level items

1. Fix common vehicle problems
2. Fix uncommon vehicle problems
3. Fix rare vehicle problems
4. Fix legendary vehicle problems

1: Impress most people
2: Impress a cynical king
3: Impress a king who dislikes you
4: Impress a king who hates you

1: Convince a civilian to do a minor favor (Such as helping you get in contact with someone)
2: Convince a civilian to do a major favor for you
3: Influence a civilian to follow your cause
4: Influence nobles and higher ups
5: Influence leaders

1: You're able to discern clues.
2: You're able to discern hidden clues.
3: You're able to discern rare clues.
4: You're able to piece together several different levels of clues at an adept level.

1: You know a little about some topics
2: You know a little about many topics
3: You know a lot about some topics
4: You know a lot about a lot of topics

1: You understand first aid and medical training.
2: You can stabilize people and stop infections.
3: You can cure poisons and even major forms of bleeding.
4: You can perform surgery.

1: You notice details that most common people wouldn't.
2: You notice many detail that even alert people wouldn't.
3: You notice most details that the most observant people miss.
4: You notice almost everything, even when not directly focused on it.

1: Tame common creatures
2: Tame uncommon creatures
3: Tame rare creatures
4: Tame legendary creatures

Silver Tongue
1: Persuade someone who likes you, that's indifferent to do what you want.
2: Persuade someone who likes you, to do what you want.
3: Persuade someone who has no allegiance to you, that's indifferent to do what you want.
4: Persuade someone who has no allegiance to you, to do what you want.

1: Hide in darkness
2: Hide in nature
3: Hide with minimal cover
4: Hide in plain sight

1: Locate common areas and track common wildlife
2: Locate uncommon and track common wildlife
3: Locate rare areas and track rare wildlife
4: Locate legendary areas and track legendary wildlife

1: Hack into a basic computer systems
2: Hack into a strong computer systems
3: Understand alien technology
4: Hack into an alien system or how to create alien technology

5: Gain edge automatically with every proficiency check you make. 
6: Lowers the difficulty of the task by 5, making it so almost any task where you perform a Skill Check using this proficiency, you're likely to succeed.