Pirate Meetup at Big Fandom Greenville

ARRRRRRR you coming? 

The Saturday Pirate meetup/photo shoot for Big Fandom Greenville will be at 8:00 p.m. Come dressed as a pirate character, or just come to take pictures!

Con Location: Meetup at the Vindicated Entertainment booth (look for the people working with games and pirates). We may move locations for pictures, once we group together.

1. Follow BFG Rules
2. Be respectful and make sure you are listening to the hosts for instructions and cues
3. Cosplay is not consent!
4. Have fun!

To follow updates, follow Vindicated Entertainment. 

If you want to share a sneak peak of your costume, fee free to show us! We want to make this the largest and most fun shoot at the con! 

Vampire Pirates Otherworlds Vincent Baker.jpg