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Hello! You’ve Heard That Right!
We just launched our Patreon!

We decided to start a Patreon because quite frankly, creating is difficult and expensive. The word starving artists comes to mind – haha. 

However with Patreon, we get to do something different, something magical (imagine a rainbow)! With Patreon we can set up cool rewards for you, so we can all be happy and magical together! 

I think you would like to a part of this creative process, having your input heard throughout our games and reactions – what could be greater I ask? 

Of course we'd love to be your friends with benefits! 
Such wondrous things as...
• Game Development writing and concepts to inspire your creativity!
• Behind the scenes artwork to see what we're up to!
• Access to our Community Polls to use the power of voting!
• Submitting Game Requests (because you can't get enough of your favorite games!)
• Shout out and public recognition because we care about you!
• Credits in our games for being awesome! 

Questions You May Have 
1. How long would I have to be a patron for? 
For as little or as long as you desire my friend. What's great about Patreon is you can stop the payment at anytime and then rejoin if your heart so desires.
2. Would I Be Welcomed? 
Can I get a “hell yeah!”? We love interacting with people interested in our content. We want to be your home away from home and be a place you feel happy being a part of. 
3. I Don't Know Much About Your Game Otherworlds or Spellslingers 
No worries! If you're here, then that must mean you at least have a slight interest in what we do. We're hoping you come for the cool games we do outside of our own self-published games, but stay because you learn how incredibly cool this other stuff is. :)
4. Can't We Already Request Games Elsewhere?
Yes and we appreciate those, but as we grow, we're going to have to get selective and guess where our attention will go? 
5. Is It Worth It Becoming A Patron?
I certainly believe so, but if you give it a try and you think we've failed you, please contact me so we can talk about it and how we can improve the experience (even if you're wishing to leave).
6. What If I Don't Have Much Money?  
That's quite alright – times are tough, that's for sure. At a small amount of $1 per month, that already means so very much to us, but even if you don't feel comfortable with that, sharing and commenting on our content is a big way to help us out! 
7. What Does The Money Go Towards?  
The money made here on Patreon will go towards new equipment to improve video quality, video editing and game artwork.

A Vindicated Promise 
I can't promise that you'll love us. I can promise however, that we'll strive to deliver our best content, be nice human beings and make your experience as our Patron, something truly special to the best of our character stat block. 

So What Are You Waiting For?
It's really easy to get started! Become a Patron by clicking over on the right side, whichever option floats your air boat. 

Once you've done that, you'll see on the left “Featured Tags”, where you can scope some of the content we've already released. Also, don't forget to head over to our Discord if you haven't yet. The community is amazing there and very welcoming! 

Join now so you can influence our upcoming projects immediately

And as always, 
Stay Awesome! 
Vincent Baker and the Vindicated Team