My Hero Academia Meets Magic: The Gathering!

Hello! It’s nice to have you here!

In case you weren’t aware, I’m a game designer and for this I wanted to combine three things that I love.

1. My Hero Academia
2. Magic: The Gathering
3. Game Design

So, how would I design our favorite heroes if I designed them for Magic: The Gathering? Let’s take a look!

All Might, The Greatest Hero.png

I decided All Might should be very strong and be your “ace in the hole”.

He’s the strongest hero in the show and having an 8/8 for a human is REALLY strong.

Since he saves the day when things are looking bad, this is represented by his first ability by costing (2) less, the more enemies that show up.

He also is nearly indestructible and impossible to combat very well in battle. This is represented by his second ability. Of course, a dubious villain can find a loop hole during the main phase and attempt to try and rid this mighty hero!

Eraser Head, Prime Negator.png

Eraser Head to me would definitely be a control based character. He would play well in “flicker” decks which would show off his agile nature in the show. His high toughness represents his ability to hold his own with enemy or enemies for a long time.

Bakugou, Explosion King.png

I really like Bakugou’s design here. It’s aesthetically pleasing having 3/3 power and toughness, 3 colorless casting cost with 3 red mana, with his ability dealing with 3’s. Bakugou himself doesn’t have anything in particular to deal with 3’s, but I feel like it’s a nice thing for a game designer to do, when you don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of the card design to pull off.

As far as his ability goes, being able to move in and out of the battlefield, constantly attacking, and “zipping around” via haste and going back to your hand, fits Bakugou’s mobile explosive capabilities!

Tokiyama, Dark Reveler.png

This was the second design I came up with! I love the fact that Tokiyama plays into his dark nature (black mana) to get an incredible benefit. His six black mana monstrous activation represents when his dark shadow takes over and of course it makes him incredibly powerful!

Todoroki, Prodigy of Elements.png

And last but not least, we cannot forget fan favorite Todoroki! I loved designing to his fire and ice abilities. This obviously fits very well with the blue/red frame and set of abilities.

While “instants and sorceries” matter isn’t new territory for MTG, I do really like this hero having the ability to build high stats faster and switch to offense and defense, like he does in the show with his fire and ice! Also, like in the show, he can only keep one side active at a time, whether that’s fire or ice (power or toughness).

That’s All The Hero Work Today

What did you think of these cards? Did you think I designed them well? And of course, who would like to see me design next?

Let me know!

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Stay Awesome!
Vincent Baker