My Hero Academia Season 4 and New Game Confirmed!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that season 4 of My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero if you’re in with the cool kids) is coming!

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited!

Many of us over here at VE, are huge fans of the series! That’s also why we can’t be more excited for this…

What may be surprising to you, is we’re working on a fan-made My Hero Academia inspired game using the Legendaria game system.

This game has been started by our team member Trey Falco and like Legendaria, will be playable by anyone with access to the internet. Rules are simple and it’s great for immersing yourself in one of your favorite universes!

You will be able to play from many of the heroes of the series and fight one another, to see whose the number one hero! This game will be available for free. Be sure you’re a vscriber to get the latest updates, releases, and exclusives.

Stay Awesome!