Legendaria: The First War part 2

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Written by: Vincent Baker Edited by: Abby Edwards 

Written by: Vincent Baker Edited by: Abby Edwards 

Day 3: Confrontation – Berserker

Ragnar, eager for a challenge with the shadow being who had summoned the vampires, began pacing through the alleyways looking for the one who killed Han. Certain he'd be underground, he searched and searched until he came across an underground river. As he kept walking, he noticed runes of the Norse gods. He was intrigued, and continued moving forward until he found himself face to face with the man in the grey cloak.

The man called out, “Rollo, or so they have called you. I was interested in having a word with you.”

Ragnar smiled. “Alright, I'll hear what it is you've got to say.”

“I'd think it not wise to initiate a battle with an enemy whose intentions I do not know. Wouldn't you agree?”

“I do agree. What might be your intent?”

“War is never over. Though the treaties may be signed, the memories of the battles are forever in our minds. Wouldn't you say memorable battles are more important than the outcome, Rollo? Surely you enjoy the honor and the thrill of battle, don't you?”

“But of course I do. Tales to be told, sagas to be sung! The glories of victories long since past are fondly remembered! The losses, as well, are remembered. Each fallen brother and deep cut reminds us that we live a life on the edge of good and evil, on the edge of great wins and horrid failures. There is no other life so grand. So then, why have you beckoned me here? To recount tales of old? Or might you have another plot in mind?”

“I am the Master of Ecstasy, Fury, and Inspiration. You turned your back on your faith to follow that of the Franks.” The man removed his cloak to reveal his armor and spear. “My name is Odin!”

Ragnar laughed. “You mistake me entirely! Who are you, really, and what is your purpose here?!”

“My purpose is to challenge you. Or would you rather fight the three who are planning on your assassination tomorrow? This war has been too quiet. Might as well see if you really are as tough as you say.”

“Haha!” Another hearty laugh from the viking. “I suppose a challenge is what it shall be, then! But like I said, you've figured me all wrong.” Ragnar smirked and rolled his neck. “For someone who claims to be none other than the Allfather, you know nothing. I claimed the name of Rollo merely as a ruse. You will be brought to heel by a true son of Odin!”

Odin looked puzzled. “A true son of Odin? Don't make me laugh. You are not my son.”

“It would seem there truly is no hiding it. I am indeed Ragnar, a son of the Allfather!” Ragnar bellowed. “It would also seem that I will be standing alone. I seek out those who would have honor, those warriors who would be worthy of challenge and of single combat! You are the only one who dared to summon me and declare battle, therefore surely you are the only Legend amongst plotting mongrels to hold any shred of honor.” He furrowed his brow. “There is no glory in assassination. If they wish to fight they can meet me on the open field of battle! Cowards have no worth or claim to the title of Legend nor Hero!”

“I'll be honest,” Odin replied, “I have no interest in honor. However, this war has been on standby for too long. They keep waiting for 'the right moment,' but there is no better time than now. You tried to contact Wizard, who didn't respond. Assassin did respond, but only used you for information. None of them are willing to take initiative. I am tired of waiting for their idle plans to carry out. I must warn you, though—if you do win this duel, be careful of the ones plotting your assassination. They have a trick up their sleeves.”

“You would tell me of the plot to give a warrior a fighting chance. This is an honorable gesture. Tell me, would you name, by class alone, who would try to organize my doom with blades in the dark? Name his home, so that I may burn it to the ground and spread my name with fear!”

Odin shook his head gravely. “I have my own ways of dealing with the plotters. Unfortunately, they contracted with me and I can't reveal or attack them; however, that doesn't mean I can't make a trap for them. My allies and I meet every day in the city—best bet is to check there tomorrow if you want another fight.” He paused, then added, “As for this duel, I will honor it as a fight between Ragnar and Odin only. No one will be here to interfere today.”

“Very well, a duel it is!” said Ragnar. “May the true Allfather take me home to Valhalla, or may he find his fellow gods and ancestors with ease. I will say this much—I had already decided to claim your life and seek you out this day, but I wanted to hear your offer first. I'm glad it could work out so well.”

“I knew our encounter would likely end in battle. It isn't every day you get to fight the Master of Fury,” Odin quipped.

“It's a shame we will be fighting each other so soon in this contest. I'd otherwise love to fight by your side until we stood as the final two.”

The man in grey thought for a moment. “You know what, Ragnar? I think I have a plan...”

Day 4: Just Punishment – Paladin

“Dear Lord, please guide me.” The blonde man known as Paladin stood up from his prayer. At an abandoned church on the outskirts of the city, no one was around for miles in any direction. “Well, it's best I get to the city and see what I find.”

During his scouting of the city, he caught something interesting on the news.

“BREAKING NEWS! This just in. Local authorities have found three victims horribly murdered, each appearing to have strange markings as if someone had drained them. The first victim, Emilee Clark, was found in Red Oaks, and was only nineteen years old. She was a college student working toward becoming a licensed cosmetologist. The second was Mark Campbell, a professional athlete, who was found in the city. Last was a man named Eric O'Connor, who was found beneath the sewers. Investigators are doing their best to figure out what is transpiring.”

This must be the work of Wizard,” Paladin thought upon seeing this. “I must take action now. Fiends have no place here. Now, where would a fiend be located?”

After searching all day, he found a building called the Alexander Library. “This seems like a place for a sorcerer.” Paladin set foot inside.

As he walked forward, he was surprised to see Wizard perched before him in the corner with book in hand.

“I see. You must be the intruder my magical barrier has sensed,” the sorcerer spat.

Taken aback, Paladin thought, “I should have considered the possibility of a magical barrier. But no matter.” He summoned his golden armor and long sword to his side.

“Ah, so you must be the Paladin class Legend? How intriguing. I suppose there's no alliance to be made?” Wizard smiled from ear to ear.

“No, I can't say there is.”

“Very well, then die!” Wizard cast aside his book and aimed his hands towards Paladin, each palm manifesting powerful energy, and began firing. The purple orbs were hard to deflect. They each surged with electricity and inflicted wounds on Paladin.

“It'll take more than mere tricks to defeat me,” Paladin retorted. Angelic wings formed around him, and he flew towards the sorcerer as quickly as he could. Immediately, vampires lunged from the corners of the room; Paladin took his sword and disposed of them quickly, but not before getting blasted by a bolt of dark energy from Wizard.

Paladin quickly noticed that the vampiric sorcerer's blasts were lethal.

I have to end this now,” he thought, looking at his left hand. “If I could only land a single touch.” He stared down at Wizard.

“Come now, don't keep me waiting.” Wizard taunted, grinning devilishly.

Paladin let out a battle cry and flung himself forward with wings open, suffering blast after blast, parrying what he could.

Wizard then conjured a giant ball of energy. “This will be the end of you!” He fired the projectile at Paladin, and the room filled with its purple luminescence. The sorcerer began laughing. “Was that all you had?!”

“Hardly,” a voice spoke. Paladin emerged from the smoke swiftly, with his left hand drawn near—he focused it on Wizard and it began to glow. Backed into a corner, Wizard quickly said, “Charm.”

The noble warrior began feeling confused, unsure if he should continue his attack. But this thought lasted only for a split second.

Unrelenting, Paladin placed his hand upon the flesh of Wizard, knowing that if he could just push through, he had an anti-evil weapon. A move to kill all evil, no matter what.

Wizard, surprised at the sight of the angel, knew this to be his undoing. He began to burn and fill with light, crying in agony, “This will not be the last time you see me, of this you can be certain. I will have my vengeance!” He then faded away, sent back into the ether from which he came.

“You have been judged,” Paladin proclaimed.

to be continued...

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