Looking to play KeyForge Multiplayer?

KeyForge Multiplayer Format

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So, I've been seeing the question come up, "how do you play KeyForge multiplayer?" or "can you play KeyForge multiplayer?" The answer? It's YES!

It's not only yes, it's, "hell yes!" because KeyForge multiplayer is just as fun - if not more fun, than standard 1v1 battles (in my humbly weird opinion)!

So, why's that?

It's because...

  • More the merrier: More friends, encourages more laughter and taking the game less seriously.

  • Balance: The best deck won't have as much of an advantage, leaving weaker decks at least a small chance at winning.

  • Unexplored Awesomeness: The different dynamic shakes up the entire game, making it some of your "garbage" decks may function in ways that make them useful for 1v1 games!

  • Guess What?: KeyForge is designed for multiplayer!

You may be thinking, "wait, KeyForge isn't designed for multiplayer,” and technically you're right. But think of it this way, the game is super fun and all about playing cards.

No matter what, you can't get "mana screwed", you get to cycle through your deck, playing cards, attacking, and reaping. Going through several board wipes, crazy effects, stealing Aember and more, lends this game to really great multiplayer games. I'd even argue this game's multiplayer shines more than other popular multiplayer formats I shall not name.

So what's the rules?

  • First player to forge 2 keys wins (unless you want a really long game).

  • Board effects such as Tentacus and Poison Wave) affect all opponents.

  • Actions that aren’t board effects such as Bait and Switch and Control the Weak only target one opponent.

  • You can attack or target any opponent.

  • Captured Aember always goes to person it was taken from.

  • The rest of the game is played as normal. Have fun!

There you have it! It really is that simple. :)

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