Thanos Has Crossed Over To Magic!

If you're like us, then that means you're and a huge Marvel fan AND Magic: The Gathering. If so, then you're in luck! 

Today, I present to you the fan-made Infinity Challenge!

This is an unofficial card.

This is an unofficial card.

Styled in a similar way to that of Garruk the Slayer for the M15 challenge.

The Infinity Challenge allows one player to take on the role as the Mad Titan himself, Thanos! As Thanos, you'll have powerful abilities at your disposal, as you take on any number of Avengers - erm, I mean Planeswalkers! 

So how does it work?

One player plays as Thanos (or you can control him yourself, making the optimal play and purely co-op).

Thanos starts off at 20 Loyalty, which will effectively be his health. Once Thanos is dropped to 0 loyalty, he loses the game.

The player(s) always go first.

The players have 20 life for one player, and an additional 10 life per additional player.

Players share life and phases. Thanos will gain an additional 30 loyalty per additional opponent he faces, so be careful! 

Specific Card Rulings

You will find discard and counterspells won't work in this challenge. Thanos doesn't have a hand, nor cast spells.

For this reason, treat these cards as if they have Cycling for 1 generic mana. For those of you unaware, cycling is a mechanic that allows you to pay mana in order to discard the card and draw a new card. This may be done at anytime. 

Cards that would make a player lose life, will work on Thanos, subtracting his loyalty by that amount (again, this acts effectively as his life). 

Update: Thanks to some feedback, I've added some new challenging modes to the bottom of this article. I didn't get to include them originally, because they wouldn't fit on the card. Additionally, this Challenge is meant to go against a Commander, Casual, or Standard deck. In any case, you have 20 life and don't have access to the command zone.

If you want Thanos to be even more powerful, then add the Infinity Stones! With this variant, Thanos will get to use a loyalty ability as usual, but also gets to use one of the Infinity Stone powers as well. 

  • Power Stone: Gain +3 Loyalty
  • Space Stone: During your opponent's next turn, negate every spell after the second made by each player.
  • Reality Stone: Creatures your opponents control get -3/-0 until the end of your next turn.
  • Soul Stone: Put a creature card from the graveyard into play under your control.
  • Time Stone: Thanos takes an additional turn after this one. You cannot use this effect more than once per game. 
  • Mind Stone: During the start of Thano's turn, he takes control of target nonland permanent. 

So! Do you think you have what it takes to take on the Mad Titan himself? Go try out the Infinity Challenge and tell me what you think! 

Be sure to send me pictures and comments to my email at vincentsbaker(at)!

I look forward to hearing of your tragic (or perhaps heroic) outcomes, when facing off against Thanos! 

Stay Awesome! 
Vincent Baker