Head To Head Spellslingers Tournaments

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Hello and welcome! We're excited to share our Head To Head Spellslingers Tournament rules! This will be the standard for one on one matches for game stores, so you'll definitely want to read more about it below! 

Bring your own customized Spellslingers deck and see where you stand! 

Entry: Free; A 40 card Spellslingers Deck is required. If you don't have a deck you can purchase one here or at one of our supporting Local Game Stores! 

Format: Deconstructed (Rule are listed below)

1st place will receive our Spellslingers Showdown promo card, "Aiden, Flame Brawler." 

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All participants will receive the "Celebrate" promo card. *While supplies last.

Deconstructed Rules
You must have a deck of exactly 40 cards. Any cards you cast or activate with the terms "the deck" or "the discard pile" refer specifically for your deck and discard pile.

You many not have more than three cards of the same name in your deck. 
You may only have the following number of cards per Spell Level: 

Spellslingers Deck
x1 Spellslingers Character
x1 Level 8 Spell
x1 Level 7 Spell
x2 Level 6 Spells
x4 Level 5 Spells
x6 Level 4 Spells
x8 Level 3 Spell
x9 Level 2 Spells
x9 Level 1 Spells
*You may have only up to three of any card in your deck.

Spellslingers Deconstructed Format Picture

*Players are allowed to change cards in between matches, but not in between rounds. The changed cards still must follow the rules.

Want to see more? We filmed a video series about Deconstructed! You can watch my favorite episode here! 

Email any questions to vincentsbaker(at)gmail.com.

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