Legendaria: The First War part 5

Welcome to the final chapters of Legendaria: The First War! I hope you have enjoyed it thus far! If you missed the beginning, you can read it here. 

Hansel may not be alone in fighting Odin. Everything changes when Uriel shows. The stranger turns out to be the Headless Horseman. Find out how this epic tale concludes below! 

Day 9 Continued: A Battle of Gods

“Odin! Your existence brings shame to the lord above. I have been called to this war to smite all that brings wickedness and false idolatry.”

Odin began to laugh a bit . “Don't humor yourself. They call me the Allfather for a reason!” He summoned his spear to his hand and threw it forward, the spear narrowly missing the angel as his wings guided him through the air with great expertise.

“Lord give me strength,” Uriel's long sword blazed in a flurry of flames.

“I see. Well I guess I should show you my true power!” Odin summoned his spear back into his hand. The spear turned to form lightning that arched to a great length and through it as a bolt of devastating lightning. The blast sundered the ground of the cavern. Lightning cackled all around Uriel who was hit and barely still standing.

“I won't go out like this!” The angel proclaimed.

“I am the Flame of God!” Uriel shouted. He raised his sword pointing above him. The sword dance with a brilliance of flames of colors never seen before by man. He pointed the sword at Odin, sending the flame towards him. The magical flames were powerful enough to scar his body, despite being a god.

Uriel released the flames.

“There is only one true God,” Uriel announced.

“Is that so?” Odin said, coughing up copious amounts of blood from his smoked body.

“Yes, it is so.”

Odin reached in front of him as if to cast a spell on Uriel. As a quick retaliation, Uriel through his sword through Odin's palm and through his remaining eye in a single swoop. The righteous blow deftly killing the god.

“It seems I'm done here. It's now time to face the fiend.”

Day 10 – The Final Battle

Knowing they could hide from this no longer, the two remaining Legends faced each other on an open battlefield in the fields north of the city.

“Any last words Summoner?”

The Summoner smiled.

“Yes, Uriel the Archangel. I'm the Headless Horseman, and you're about to die.”

The curse spread throughout Uriel. The Headless Horseman can simply state the name of any Legend and they will fall prey to his curse.

Uriel could feel the curse run among his body, yet he didn't feel as If he was dying.

The Headless Horseman seemed perplexed and Uriel's gold armor appeared around him, encasing him in its protection.

Uriel looked up, “I see. You don't do so well with gold. You were hoping Odin killed me in that encounter didn't you? Well, it's a shame for you.”

Uriel summoned his long sword and ignited flames around the blade.

“Well, it was worth a shot,” the Headless Horseman said. He summoned a horse out of thin air and levitated himself on top of it. A spinal whip formed into his hand and his illusory head dissipated. He charged into battle as the angel flew at him with great speed.

The two collided in a battle of light and darkness. When the energy vanished, the Headless Horseman was skewered by Uriel's blade. His hand reached for Uriel's blade that was plunged deep into his rib cage. Uriel ignited the sword, burning the Headless Horseman.

Uriel stood atop the hill in the plains as the sole victor of this war. For what purpose was he summoned here he does not know, but if one thing is for certain, it's that there will be more and he'll be here to stop any evil that finds its way into the world.

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