First Impressions of Borderlands 3

Hey Vault Hunter! I’ve picked up Borderlands 3 as soon as I could and have dived right in! I thought it’d be cool for me to share with you some of my initial thoughts spanning 2 hours into the game. Also, there’s no story relevant spoilers in my thoughts below, but there is general analysis of how the game handles and some features it has.

Without further ado, here’s the list below!

BL3 picture delete.jpg
  • Cool intro! Great to see that hasn’t changed.

  • I’m still unsure which Vault Hunter to choose… Zane I guess?

  • Graphics are WAY crisper than I thought they would be.

  • The guns feel really great in this game!

  • Gore is more on par with BL1 than BL2.

  • Ooh! I like the variety of enemies that I’m already seeing.

  • I love these weird decoy things that are set up on the battlefield.

  • Mantling up on boxes and sliding are minor upgrades that feel nice to have.

  • Firefights feel more open and hectic.

  • Destructible cover? Awesome!

  • Borderlands humor seems to remain on point, great!

  • The game frame rate is having issues for me, at least on the XboxOne.

  • I think I should have went with FLAK. I’m not feeling Zane. restarts game after 2 hours in

  • Okay, I’m digging this better.

  • Oops. Game froze. Have to restart.

  • I’m loving having pets.

  • I finally connected what “COV” stands for.

  • The Calypso twins are different than I thought, but I dig the take!

And there you have it! Those are my first impressions of Borderlands 3. I’ve progressed about 4 more hours into the game after these mental notes were made. I’ll say that I’m enjoying the game a lot so far and recommend this to any Borderlands fans! If you were never a Borderlands fan before, I’m not sure this will change your mind.

Anyways, it looks like I’m back off to the vaults.

Stay Awesome!