5 Creative RPG Classes You've (Probably) Never Heard Of!

Hello and welcome! If you’re here, you must be an avid tabletop RPG gamer like me! Welcome! Today, we’re going to go over 5 creative RPG classes my friend (Cory) and I have come up with. They aren’t in any particular order. Hope you enjoy!

The Night Hunter

Meet the class all about taming dark aberrations and using them for their own benefit. Night Hunters have many useful tools at their disposal, from howlings - which are eyeless wolf-like beasts, with two devilish tails, to mimics that they can command.

Night Hunters are graceful in combat, preferring to keep their distance, but when times get tough, a dagger or axe will likely be used to cut down their enemies.

The Historian

“Hammer out the details.”

Those that venture far from the populace of the world of Anthos, will soon find themselves in awe of the beauty of ancient towering structures. Pillars of great size tower over the blue sky. Birds chirp and cheer as they fly from tree to tree. However, this is the home of many monsters, so Historians must be well equipped and guarded. Able to fight, these are more than mere scientists.

The Keymaster

"Unlock all the possibilities.”

Listen, I’m going to be real honest with you. I LOVE keyblades and Kingdom Hearts by extension. They just so look so freakin’ cool. I wanted to make my own unique class centered around warriors who use a giant key as their main weapon. Their abilities start small, first just allowing them to build their own unique key, but after some adventuring, they would be able to level up their key and unlock new powers…see my word choice there? “Unlock new powers”. Yeah, I went there. ;)

The Spelleater

“Eat the heat!”

This idea was inspired by Cory Goff's "Snake Eater" class idea that we discussed in our Otherworlds World Building video. I had SO much fun coming up with ideas for eat. Eating spells that is! The Spelleater is unique in that they devour magical essence to form their attacks. This allows them to negate magic in an interesting way, some gummy-like gelatin to squash enemies or form walls and also use their spell breath to disorientate or disintegrate their enemies!

The Arbiter

"Knowledge is power. Money controls knowledge."

Law Above All With great cities, come law and with law comes a need to enforce it. The dyahri began practicing the arts of judgment first, equipping well trained Arbiters to make sure society functions as planned. Arbiters are trained to proficient with knowing the ins and outs of rule, magic, and parley. These Arbiters have even less connection to emotions than their kin, instead prioritizing logic and law above all. Among their society, there's very few citizens that act in such discordance. Arbiters instead are largely sent to other worlds to help their governing problems in exchange for that world's unique resources and information on their life there.

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