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Tabletop Explorers Live is our weekly livestream on Twitch. You can view our official schedule here.

We discuss nerd news, debate heating topics such as which Halo or Pokemon starter is the best and then we play some games - some of which are crazy alterations on popularized games!

Here’s a list of some games we’ve played so far!

  • Pokemon Miniatures Battle

  • Love Letter

  • DC Deckbuilding Game

  • Red Flags

  • New Spellslingers Expansions

The Good News?

You can join us live here and do the following:

  • Interact: Talk to us and provide your perspective for us to discuss.

  • Grant Titles: Vote for our livestream’s name!

  • Games For All To Enjoy: Suggest games for us to play on livestream!

  • Choose Your Side: Debate with us!

  • Reap Rewards: Partake in our occasionally giveaways and earn cool unique prizes such as custom art prints, free shirts, discount codes and more!

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And Of Course…

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