The Story of Spellslingers

You are a Spellslinger - a powerful mage, gifted with the power of all forms of magic!

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The Things

Magical Wonder. In the world of spellslingers, roughly 2 out of every 3 people can wield one type of magic or another. What’s rare however, is that only 1 out of every 10,000 people can wield all types of magic, thanks to having a helix. These types of spellslingers are very powerful.

The Great Vortex.
No one knows the origins of the Great Vortex or when exactly it started. Its existence gave birth to magic in this world. Some theorize it was there since time began, others suggest its an evolutionary stage of nature, or even some suggest it’s a gift from powers from another realm. The only known truth is the vortex is powerful and it’s impact in the world can’t be measured.

Helix. Profound and mysterious magical connections that activate in a person’s soul, often coating where their heart is. A Helix allows a person to wield multiple types of magic.

Meet The Heroes

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Kyugen was born in the far north into the Frost Lands. Once thought to be impenetrable, these lands had become under siege from strange forces of aggressive creatures that embody rage. Seen as an act of war, Kyugen’s people, including his father, sought to defend their home. The war raged on, until nearly everyone was wiped out. Kyugen, as just a teenager, went against his father’s wishes and went to the battlefield, knowing his incredible powers could be enough to save his people.

Dashing into the battle, Kyugen destroyed more enemies than anyone would think possible. But, his inexperience in warfare costed him dearly. He was caught in trap of fire, burning his entire flesh.

Thanks to the aid of Clericus, Kyugen was able to recover and after several years of training, Kyugen is back in the fight and out for revenge!

There’s still a lot more to learn about Kyugen! You can read Kyugen’s origin story here!

Clericus. A wandering man with powerful healing abilities. Clerics prefers holy magic, but thanks to his helix, can wield all types. He’s most distinctive features is his overly large size upper torso and full golden face mask. He’s a bit mysterious in appearance, but is a very friendly and nice guy looking to help.

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Aiden is a passionate Spellslinger with a lot of potential. He’s highly skilled in hand to hand combat and conjuring large quantities of fire. He however struggled with his aim, making him much more of a brawler. This was of course until he picked, or rather stole, his father’s spellguns. His encounter with the mysterious woman has led him into a battle with a rival he didn’t even knew he had.

You can read Aiden’s short story here!

Yuki Azori a princess born in the North West of the world was recently asked to appoint a knight of protection, as all princesses do. She offered to appoint herself as her knight. Seen as reckless and idiotic, many people hated the princess. Others, loyal to her, respected her decision and follow her regardless. With the recent events transpiring, Yuki’s interests have been peaked, so she seeks to find out who this Hexa really is and get to the bottom of her schemes.

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meet The Villains

Dark Command. It turns out Hexa was a part of something much bigger. A secret order led by a mysterious figure. It appears Hexa is the highest ranked and in charge of the others. They seem to want the helix, but to what end?

Hexa a strange and mysterious woman with incredible powers. Hexa seems to have a deep understanding of her powers and what it means to be a Spellslinger. She’s also aware of Helix’s and seems to be obsessed with them for some scheme of hers. Whether she’s working alone or is part of a much bigger plan is uncertain.

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Bosukuma. A fierce and sentient penguin bear. Bosukuma worked with the Dark Command for some time, but has now gone rogue, believing he can achieve power on his own, without the help of Hex, nor the others.

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Virmon a necromancer and creator of the monster Prodigium. He has up until this point, been working in the shadows with Hexa. Now that Aiden’s helix has shown itself, Vimorn can make his move.

Minor Characters

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Luna is the top student of the most prestigious academy in the world! Luna is bubbly, fun, and easily excited when it comes to magic and its possibilities. She often finds people to act too serious and just need a little loosening up to have more fun! Even though she’s just a student, she enjoys being a tutor and helping others.

A noble knight who works for the Balance, an organization dedicated to peacekeeping, ensuring safety of the world, and good deeds. He recently was killed in battle and now rumors say that he’s been brought back to life.

Stubborn is a minotaur with a giant axe that she still likes to use to wreak face, despite being capable of casting many spells.

Solomon is an archpriest of Balance. Solomon seeks balance in all things.

Ravenhil is a huntress who prefers to keep things to herself. Her and her dire wolf however, don’t mind intervening when it’s called for.

Skraa is a studious and kind mage who specializes in healing magic and using his rapier!

Sage of the Six Spells is a powerful mage of legend. Many do not know if he’s ever existed.

Filtiarn. A guardian of the realm. Filtiarn is a spirit that seeks to maintain peace in the world. However, his meddling is limited due to his spiritual form.

Rilas is an instructor at the Academy. Rilas enjoys using an opponent’s strengths against them!