Otherworlds: Grimdark Adventures

Otherworlds: Grimdark Adventures


Trick-Or-Treat: In honor of our favorite time of the year, we here at Vindicated Entertainment have put together a good old-fashioned treat for you and your fellow role-players! 

Celebrate the spookiness with Grimdark Adventures - a module best suited for Otherworlds, but could be tweaked for other roleplaying games. 


  • Combat Just Got So Much Deadlier: You hit harder. Your enemies hit harder. Even your mom hits harder. Combat is accelerated to a decapitating pace. Watch your head!
  • I'd Like Thirteen Potions: Sorry Jack, but there are no thirteen potions. We have a scarcity system that will make your players scrouge for resources. Even towns will be low on supplies, if they have any at all!
  • Sleep With One Eye Open: There ain't no rest for the wicked. An encounter table for resting ensures no adventurer is ever safe. The party must now plan to have able bodies on guard duty, and prepare traps before an evening slumber.
  • And Much More!: What are you waiting for? Grimdark Adventures is free! However, if you like what we do, we'd sure appreciate it if you can throw a buck or two this way.

Have a wonderful day!
Vincent Baker

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