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Otherworlds: Into The Black Tides - Three Moons Audio

Otherworlds Into The Black Tides Banner.jpg

Flesh has become carrots!

Listen to the final boss battle with the witch of the island, whose magic has corrupted everyone to believing human flesh is carrots!

The characters you're following along with...

Aaron Newton as Ulf, the Beerserker
Ronald Raymer III as Darren Van Deathstriker, the Spell Rogue
Tyler Brannon as Greg, the Necrobard 
John "Ajax" Fredrickson as Savos, the Gargoyale Buccaneer 
Abby Edwards as Eve, the Shardwraith Duelist

While the universe we played in was Otherworlds, we used a tweaked system for 50 second character creation!

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What Is Into The Black Tides?

You may have seen Vayne hanging around (the female vampire in the picture below).

You may have heard the term “Into The Black Tides” and wonder what exactly that is.

Into The Black Tides (ITBT) is a campaign setting book we’re developing for the Otherworlds RPG. The setting is Yedritch, a continent ripe with gothic horror and pirate themes. Players can expect extensive lore involving castles and kingdoms on the main land, while also having crazy made scientists and frankestein’s out on sea for the daring seafolk!

Otherworlds - Into The Black Tides

So, when can you expect to see Into The Black Tides?

Great question! We first released info for Into The Black Tides last year around this time.

We’re very busy, releasing Legendaria next and then we have some other projects that will take priority after.

Largely, what we focus on is dependent on how far along we are and what feedback we receive from you.

Based on the knowledge we have available to us at the moment, we will be releasing our Otherworlds Core Rulebook (OWCR) prior to ITBT. The OWCR will feature the rules of the game, character creation, and what it takes to run the game.

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Vincent Baker

Otherworlds Origins: Vivan Audio Log

Did you enjoy Vivan’s story? Didn’t read it? That’s alright, you can listen to it by clicking the image below!

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Otherworlds Origins: The Mage's Apprentice part 1

Otherworlds Origins: The Mage's Apprentice part 1

An orange sky and twin blue stars bath the surface of the planet in a jarring, unnatural light that is painful to the eyes until they adjust. The wildlife is overlarge and discolored, much like the splash of glaring color that is the sky. Because Pictor-4 is a trinary system, darkness is a rarity. The abundance of sunlight leads to an abundance of plantlife; Urus is rife with colossal, creeping plant structures that are as much a hazard as any predator.

Otherworlds: Assault on New Glory Dam

Otherworlds: Assault on New Glory Dam

“Someone pulled the sack free. I gasped as bright light punched into my eyes, dazzling me momentarily. For the first time in what felt like ages, cool air touched my lungs. I blinked several times and took stock of my situation.”

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Otherworlds Origins: Jormund

Otherworlds Origins: Jormund

The king idly traced his thumb over the blade’s perfect razor edge, just lightly enough to avoid its bite. His sanguine expression told a tale: he was well and truly pleased, not putting up a ruse only to pull the rug out from under his company the next moment. His glee was plainly evident, and anyone brave enough to look at his eyes would see the violent designs dancing behind them.