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What You Should Know About Our Goals This Year

Hey fam! Happy you could join us and if you’re wondering why I’m being lame and saying things like “fam” you can blame the Normies.

Anyways, that’s not the point.

The point is, I’ve done some major reflecting. as I always do. And with that, the company direction takes better shape and we hopefully head to a new, better direction.

Leaving the past behind

2018 was Vindicated’s most successful year. Not only did we play more games with more people, but we made huge strides with Spellslingers and had two successful Kickstarters, one for Otherworlds and the other for Legendaria!

However, 2018 wasn’t without its faults.

I see every “mistake” as more of a learning experience and opportunity.

I’m not going to go into detail about the entire reflection of 2018 (nobody got time for that), but to just sum it up, I’d like to say that I believe I misfired hard on the original story content. It took me six months of hard work to put it together and for little return.

I believe we, as gamers, like to read things, but we have to already be majorly invested. We don’t read new things without a strong influence to do so.

That’s just one of many things that’s changing in 2019.

What’s in Store For Us?

Well, the future is filled with many secrets, surprises, and fireballs. We do what we can.

Here’s a breakdown at what we’re looking to accomplish this year per month:
3-5 Livestreams
3-6 Newsletters (mostly one a week every 7:00 p.m. as it has been)
4+ Website Articles
2 Conventions / Game Store events
1-2 Vlogs / Unboxing / Reviews (these are my new fun/experimental projects)
1 New merchandise design for our new Storenvy store!

A breakdown for the year:
1 RPG Video (every four months / largely dependent on success with our RWBY video)
3 Kickstarter projects (in 2019)

Just the monthly goals I have is about 90 hours of time spent each month, so it’s quite the task. Especially since video editing has been giving me some crazy troubles!

Also, I’ll be doing another “major reflection” in June, so be aware that any of this may change.

The most important thing I ask of you is for your feedback and support. What do you like to see from us? Do you think our goals are lining up well or am I going off the deep end?


Stay awesome!
Vincent Baker

Best Designs We've Ever Had!

We just launched our new Storenvy store, which has allowed us to create the best looking AND best feeling clothing, we’ve ever had.

Get yours below by clicking the big banner below!

March On, Mulan!

"I want to buy a saddle and horse, And serve in the army in Father's place." -Ballad of Mulan

We're proud to reveal Hua Mulan as an Assassin Legend! 

Illustrated by Hua Mulan

Illustrated by Hua Mulan

When pressed for war, Mulan’s aged father was forced into the draft. Mulan, against his wishes, took his place. She fought for twelve years, earning high rank and left with no rewards, returning to her small village. She feels a strong sense of dissatisfaction being summoned as the Assassin class, for she feels it doesn’t give proper justice to the warrior she was in battle.

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What Is Into The Black Tides?

You may have seen Vayne hanging around (the female vampire in the picture below).

You may have heard the term “Into The Black Tides” and wonder what exactly that is.

Into The Black Tides (ITBT) is a campaign setting book we’re developing for the Otherworlds RPG. The setting is Yedritch, a continent ripe with gothic horror and pirate themes. Players can expect extensive lore involving castles and kingdoms on the main land, while also having crazy made scientists and frankestein’s out on sea for the daring seafolk!

Otherworlds - Into The Black Tides

So, when can you expect to see Into The Black Tides?

Great question! We first released info for Into The Black Tides last year around this time.

We’re very busy, releasing Legendaria next and then we have some other projects that will take priority after.

Largely, what we focus on is dependent on how far along we are and what feedback we receive from you.

Based on the knowledge we have available to us at the moment, we will be releasing our Otherworlds Core Rulebook (OWCR) prior to ITBT. The OWCR will feature the rules of the game, character creation, and what it takes to run the game.

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Stay Awesome!
Vincent Baker

The Headless Horseman Is Coming To Town

He Would Know When You're Sleeping...IF He Could See. 

That's besides the point though! 

Hey! Hiya! Howdy! How's it going?!

I just wanted to stop by to deliver some lovely news. THE Headless Horseman is officially announced as a Legend in our game.

You can pickup this insanely awesome Legend, by backing our Legendaria here.

Not only that, but if you're a backer, you'll receive a Kickstarter exclusive variant of our horrifically awesome friend! So you'll have the option of whipping your opponent's into shape, or cutting their heads off with a bloodthirsty axe, the choice will be yours! 

Happy Halloween my friends!

Stay Awesome! 

Headless Horseman artwork in progress

Headless Horseman artwork in progress

My Hero Academia Season 4 and New Game Confirmed!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that season 4 of My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero if you’re in with the cool kids) is coming!

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited!

Many of us over here at VE, are huge fans of the series! That’s also why we can’t be more excited for this…

What may be surprising to you, is we’re working on a fan-made My Hero Academia inspired game using the Legendaria game system.

This game has been started by our team member Trey Falco and like Legendaria, will be playable by anyone with access to the internet. Rules are simple and it’s great for immersing yourself in one of your favorite universes!

You will be able to play from many of the heroes of the series and fight one another, to see whose the number one hero! This game will be available for free. Be sure you’re a vscriber to get the latest updates, releases, and exclusives.

Stay Awesome!

A Peek At Our Character Sheet From Bunkers & Badasses!

Here’s a first look (to you non vscribers) at the Bunkers & Badasses Soldier character sheet!

We like to keep our character sheets, sweet, simple, and beautiful!

If you want to read more about Bunkers & Badasses, then you can do so here.

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Stay Awesome!

Legendaria is Coming To Kickstarter!

You heard that right! Legendaria is coming to Kickstarter!

How soon you ask? Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.

We’re super excited for this and hope you are as well!

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Stay Awesome!

Introducing: Bunkers & Badasses IS Coming To Your Tabletops!

Bunkers & Badassess - The Borderlands RPG. Rules light. Fast paced. Deadly combat.

Borderlands Bunkers and Badassess RPG

That's right! After receiving tons of views on my original post on the Otherworlds website last year about the idea of creating a Bunkers & Badasses game inspired by Borderlands, I got a lot more attention than I usually do.

Borderlands is an I.P that holds a special place in my heart. I know like many of you, we wish to be able to bring Borderlands to life on the tabletop. This would allow us to create our characters, forge our own stories, and connect with friends over Borderlands in a way we have never done before!  

It's because of this, I’m working with my team to release a completely free Bunkers & Badasses tabletop RPG in .PDF form on our website.

This game will feature content expanding all games in the series, but will be focused mostly on the first game content wise and we will go from there.

This game will be completely playable and complete with rules.

It will be using a modified version of the Otherworlds RPG system to play, to fit the game's needs better. You won't need any Otherworlds materials to play Bunkers & Badasses. 

Additional content will bring more focus to the later games in the series and will be released according to public reception (i.e. very popular, means much more free content).

Players can expect to play as the hulking Berserker, the clever Hunter, the diligent Soldier, or mysterious Siren class. 

You will be able to create your own character.

The game will be light on rules, simple to play, and have a major feel of Borderlands to match its tone. Exploration will be quirky and fun. Combat will be intense, fast, and deadly. 

I hope you're as excited as I am for this! 

Stay Awesome,
Vincent Baker

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