Arting Around with Ando & Vincent!

Join us for our fun, new, exciting event!

This event will be live streamed on Facebook! Click here to join.

Join Ando Poore and myself from Vindicated Entertainment as we paint, draw, answer questions and give away prizes! 

I will be creating the concept artwork for Ramses II for Legendaria. Watch us and give me your suggestions to shape how he'll actually look in the final product!

Arting Around With Ando and Vincent Promo.jpg

March On, Mulan!

"I want to buy a saddle and horse, And serve in the army in Father's place." -Ballad of Mulan

We're proud to reveal Hua Mulan as an Assassin Legend! 

 Illustrated by Hua Mulan

Illustrated by Hua Mulan

When pressed for war, Mulan’s aged father was forced into the draft. Mulan, against his wishes, took his place. She fought for twelve years, earning high rank and left with no rewards, returning to her small village. She feels a strong sense of dissatisfaction being summoned as the Assassin class, for she feels it doesn’t give proper justice to the warrior she was in battle.

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New Borderlands Character - Odd Todd the Hunter

For those excited for Bunkers and Badasses!

We would like to premiere our second character - Odd Todd as the Hunter for our Bunkers & Badasses roleplaying game session, played by Trey Falco.

Odd Todd has pulled many odd jobs in his day. Everything from running a Bandit Technical into a horde of venomous Rakk, to scraping up the remains of a lost Echo Recorder from a heaping pile of Skag s#*t. There’s no job too big, or too small for ole Todd - especially if the pay is good.

Though erring on the side of naivety, Todd makes up for his innocence with his brash decisions and a thirst for learning more about the world around him. A bit of an oxymoron, really. Mostly a moron, honestly. trigger cocks Okay, okay… sorry... But, that’s Odd Todd, for you.

A true enigma and a hell of a gunslinger when it comes down to it. Oh, and he wanted me to say something about Enrique here. That’s his Snow Skag pal - 175 pounds of pure eat-your-face-off, and lovable personality. They’ve been together since birth. Or, that’s what Todd claims, anyways. I didn’t even know Skags lived that long. Anyways, I’m done now. Can I go, Todd? rustling Wait.. you said if I recorded this for you, you’d spare my family and let me go! No! Todd! Noooo!!! gunshots

 Odd Todd designed by Trey Falco and illustrated by Vincent Baker

Odd Todd designed by Trey Falco and illustrated by Vincent Baker

So, what’s your first impression of Harper? We would love to hear from you!

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Here's Houdini!

"The easiest way to attract a crowd is to let it be known that at a given time and a given place someone is going to attempt something that in the event of failure will mean sudden death." -Harry Houdini

 Illustrated by Abby Edwards, designed by Vincent Baker

Illustrated by Abby Edwards, designed by Vincent Baker

A huge thanks to Trey Falco for recommending Harry Houdini for Legendaria and designing his character sheet! Harry Houdini has become our most popular Wizard in our tests and this illustration is a reflection of that!

Would you like to play Harry Houdini among our other Legends in an epic battle of fantasy and history? Pre-order Legendaria here!

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Otherworlds: Into The Black Tides - Three Moons Audio

Otherworlds Into The Black Tides Banner.jpg

Flesh has become carrots!

Listen to the final boss battle with the witch of the island, whose magic has corrupted everyone to believing human flesh is carrots!

The characters you're following along with...

Aaron Newton as Ulf, the Beerserker
Ronald Raymer III as Darren Van Deathstriker, the Spell Rogue
Tyler Brannon as Greg, the Necrobard 
John "Ajax" Fredrickson as Savos, the Gargoyale Buccaneer 
Abby Edwards as Eve, the Shardwraith Duelist

While the universe we played in was Otherworlds, we used a tweaked system for 50 second character creation!

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Confirmed Legends of Legendaria

Cerberus vs Remus web.jpg

As of 11/27/18 these are the confirmed Legends of Legendaria.

The Undefeated Miyamoto Musashi
The Ravenous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok 
The Rainbringer Spartacus 
The Maid of Orléans, Jeanne d'Arc
The Strong and Brave, Hua Mulan
The King of Rome, Romulus 
The Demon Swordsmith, Sengo Muramasa
The Handcuff King, Harry Houdini
The Angel Alchemist, Edward Kelley
The Gold-Cursed, King Midas 
The Imaginative Alice from Wonderland

Which Legend are you most excited for?! We have plenty more to show you, but we also what to keep some of them a great surprise, because WOW these are cool!

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New Borderlands Character - Harper as the Major General!

For those excited for Bunkers and Badasses!

We would like to premiere our first character - Harper as the Major General for our Bunkers & Badasses roleplaying game session, played by Abby Edwards.

She's the highest ranked Torgue employee under Mr. Torgue himself. She's not particularly fond of him, but tolerates him for the paycheck. Hey, a jobs a job right?!

Also, dying her hair, brand colors, gave her a nice reward, or as Mr. Torgue said,

"I LIKE YOUR ****** HAIR! DYE THAT **** AND ILL GIVE YOU MONEY. MONEYYYYYYY!!!!!!! *Numerous fake guitar sounds*"

Harper as the Major General - Bunkers and Badasses Borderlands.jpg

So, what’s your first impression of Harper? We would love to hear from you!

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A Look At Our Angel Alchemist!

Hello! I sincerely hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and enjoyed these last few days! 

This is certainly a busy time for us over here, but we're not letting that stop us! 

Working on Legendaria is my top priority for Vindicated Entertainment.  

And I'm pleased to say that I've nearly completed the core writing and most of the writing for the core legends. 

Now it's more about the editing and design process, which has been going over well too!

For fun I took a crack at illustrating Edward Kelley. He interested me because he's fairly unknown, but his story made for a very interesting character. So without further ado, here's our Angel Alchemist! 

 Edward Kelley, the Angel Alchemist designed and illustrated by Vincent Baker

Edward Kelley, the Angel Alchemist designed and illustrated by Vincent Baker

While, Edward is designed and drawn by me, he won't count towards the art budget, so it's bonus artwork for the game! 

Meanwhile, Abby and I working to deliver a satisfying and magnificent Harry Houdini illustration to all of you. 

I hope you're as excited as we are! The writing, design, and the game as a whole is coming together so well and I'm so excited for you to see it! 

Enjoy your holidays! 

Top #5 Reasons To Go To Camden SC Comicon

So, I’m just sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, thinking about how excited I am to be going to Camden SC Comicon this Saturday and was like, “hey! You know what? I feel like many people don’t have any idea how awesome this event is going to be. I should write about it!”

So, here's MY (Vincent;s) list of reasons on why you should go to Camden SC Comicon this December 1st.

#5 Cosplays


I love seeing people relish in their nerdoms. Super heroes, anime, gaming, you name it! Not only will there be cosplays, but there will be a cosplay competition as well!

#4 Doing Something Different

I know it might sound lame, but honestly I know so many people who say, “I haven’t done anything in so long” or “my life is boring.”

Well, why don’t you take this opportunity to reach outside your comfort zone? Put a little work and a little bit of money into experiencing something different! I’m excited for it and you could be too!

#3 Virtual Reality

Star Trek.jpg

Have you tried virtual reality yet?! If you haven’t then you’re missing out! From what I heard, they will not only have VR available for everyone there, but they will also have an amazing Star Trek VR game there!

#2 Renaissance and Medieval entertainment

Sword Circle.jpg

Sword Circle will be at this event entertaining us with medieval glory, which coincidentally is my favorite type of glory! I mean if you’re not a medieval fan, then I guess that’s fine, you can enjoy the Star Trek VR, but seriously, I’m a HUGE sucker for this.

Now….without further ado….are you ready for the shocking #1 reason why you should go?!

#1 Because I Will Be There!

Business Vincent 01 copy Low Res.jpg

Okay, so I know I’m not the bee’s knees. I have very human knees.

However, if you’re worried about going and not having anything to do, well no need to worry! Not only am I super excited to hangout with you, but we’ll have tons of games to play and things to talk about!

I really hope that if you’re available on Saturday and can make the drive, that you make it to this event!

It’s going to be off several chains!

Stay Awesome!

Darling in the Franxx is AMAZING!

Hello, it’s Vincent here and I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m tired of hearing people talk trash about Darling in the Franxx, or perhaps even worse, tell me how the first sixteen episodes are perfection and then it all goes downhill from there into straight GAR-BAGE.

If you’re with me, then enjoy! If not, then buckle up, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Oh, and of course, there’s spoilers, so only keep reading if you’ve seen the show!

The Animation and Music

You might be wondering, “why are we starting with the animation and music? No one is complaining about the that!” If so, then good. My idea is to start off with the easiest aspects of the show to agree upon before diving deeper into the more difficult subjects.

Darling in the Franxx is Awesome DiTF01.gif

I mean can anyone seriously say this show is animated poorly? It might not be their preferred style, but you’d have a hard time convincing many people that this looks poor.

Darling in the Franxx is Awesome DiTF02.gif

And don’t even get me started on the music. The entire official soundtrack is just amazing from beginning to end.

”Kiss of Death” is making waves among fans and disgruntled fans alike.


The song is captivating and gives off the emotion of this deadly but attractive presence that Zero Two brings.

You can watch a video by PhenomSage that wonderful breaks down the second opening and much of the symbolism it has. It gives a great perspective of how meticulously well designed the intro is. It’s almost as if the intro is so well done with its details, symbolism, and design, then this show would be as well.


Darling in the Franxx is Amazing DiTF04.gif

You still here? Good! Before I just spout about how well these characters are written, let’s try and come up with some common ground we can agree upon.

I believe that while not in all cases, a three dimensional character is usually a good sign of a good character. If a character is two dimensional, they are far less believable and don’t leave any sort of impression on the viewer. Furthermore, they can be very one note and predictable.

So, how can we say for certain which characters are three dimensional in Darling?

While, there’s many different criteria, I like to follow these rules:
1. What’s this character’s main characteristics?
2. Do they ever differ from those characteristics?
3. Does this character have a goal?
4. Does this character challenge their beliefs?

You can take any main character from Darling in the Franxx and apply this to them and end up realizing that Kokoro or even Zorome are complex three dimensional characters.

Let’s take Futoshi for example, since he gets picked on by critics as being one of the more lackluster and “useless” characters in the series.

1. What’s this character’s main characteristics? Hungry, happy, and a good friend.
2. Do they ever differ from those characteristics? Futoshi gets angered by events that transpire throughout the series, even causing him to explode with anger and tears.
3. Does this character have a goal? Futoshi wants to be friends with everyone, wants to see them happy, and wants to Kokoro to be happy and taken care of.
4. Does this character challenge their beliefs? Futoshi’s beliefs are most challenged when the happy life he once envisioned with Kokoro begins to leave his grasp. Will he accept this? Will he accept Mitsuro as her new partner?

Futoshi is arguably the least three dimensional character of squad 13, yet he has a great bit of characteristics and challenges for him throughout this short series. After all, not every character can get several episodes dedicated to them. The time we spent with each character seemed well done, as it further developed those characters, the story, or both.

If you ask me, the weakest characters in the show are the 9’s. I couldn’t tell you any of their names aside from Alpha (did we learn them?) and Alpha, I only remembered because of the last moment we had with them.

Overall though, their inclusion was a net positive in my opinion. Having a little redemption for them thrown in at the end, also having some rivals to pit up against Zero Two and Squad 13 as a whole, was nice to see. Not every antagonist can be your main antagonist. So, let’s move on to the final and most important part.

The Story

Darling in the Franxx is Awesome DiTF05.gif

Welcome to arguably the most subjective section. How am I supposed to convince anyone to like a story that they didn’t enjoy? Well, to be honest, I can’t.

However, I can address some main concerns I’ve seen.

Darling Should Be About Kids and Robots
Kotaku thinks that’s what this anime is about and because it has a deeper meaning then that, it misses its landing? Nope, sorry. Just because you didn’t know it was going to have more than kids and giant robots didn’t mean that we all missed the bigger picture.

I’m personally very thankful the show was more than that or else it wouldn’t have been a favorite of mine.

Many hate how Ikuno was treated in the show. Many think her story was shafted because more important world shattering events were taking place.

I honestly don’t know why this is even an issue. Many characters in many shows don’t have the happiest of endings. Ikuno on the other hand seemed happy getting her internal struggles off her chest, and where her relation went after the fact. Not to mention it seemed that her and Naomi had something going as well. I didn’t need to see more, because it already showed the arc from beginning to end, and I understand that journey. What more would there be to see?

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone said the show had been setting itself up for a rebellion arc and then turned it to fighting VIRN. While, a rebellion arc seemed like it could work and be obvious, that’s part of the issue, is it would have been obvious.

Now of course, you don’t want to do twists just for the sake of doing twists, that’s not good writing. And honestly, this twist does seem rather sudden. What makes it better however, is our characters acknowledge how crazy and sudden this twist is. This tells me the writer is self aware and meant to do this. Not only that, but you’re meant to be left in the dark during this as the characters are.

Comprising It’s “Third Time” Rule

This article talks about how the show compromised itself. Stating that it’s bad writing to set limits in your show and then to break them. The writer goes on to explain that, since Hiro broke the “three times” limit that it made the whole situation moot.

However, this isn’t true. Through this, we see tension rise among squad 13, we see how Zero Two handles the death of everyone she’s piloted with and we know that Hiro is going to be special in some way. I mean honestly, did you think he was going to die from that?

Luckily, unlike most anime. This actually seemed planned from the beginning and they explained why he’s the only one that can be Zero Two’s. It’s because he also have Klaxosaur blood. He has her Klaxosaur blood. Which all came from him wanting to help her and save her as a child.

They even had story relevant reasons explaining his amnesia, instead of just giving him amnesia like many other anime do.

That’s All For Today Darling

Well, I’m spent and I’m done rambling. Let me know your thoughts on Darling, whether they be good or bad! Is there a certain subject, you’d like me to write about, let me know!

Also, I have a Darling in the Franxx podcast called Hello Darling. New episodes release every Saturday night! I also have a newsletter, where I share free games, audio, and exclusives. You can subscribe for free here.

Stay Awesome!

What Is Into The Black Tides?

You may have seen Vayne hanging around (the female vampire in the picture below).

You may have heard the term “Into The Black Tides” and wonder what exactly that is.

Into The Black Tides (ITBT) is a campaign setting book we’re developing for the Otherworlds RPG. The setting is Yedritch, a continent ripe with gothic horror and pirate themes. Players can expect extensive lore involving castles and kingdoms on the main land, while also having crazy made scientists and frankestein’s out on sea for the daring seafolk!

Otherworlds - Into The Black Tides

So, when can you expect to see Into The Black Tides?

Great question! We first released info for Into The Black Tides last year around this time.

We’re very busy, releasing Legendaria next and then we have some other projects that will take priority after.

Largely, what we focus on is dependent on how far along we are and what feedback we receive from you.

Based on the knowledge we have available to us at the moment, we will be releasing our Otherworlds Core Rulebook (OWCR) prior to ITBT. The OWCR will feature the rules of the game, character creation, and what it takes to run the game.

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Stay Awesome!
Vincent Baker

My Experience With Legendaria by Ando Valentine

As a life-long gamer, becoming fascinated with role-playing games (RPGs) was pretty much a given. Sooner or later, I was bound to get exposed to the joys of putting oneself in the shoes of someone larger than myself. And like many of us who get drawn into the world of RPGs, my first experience came in the form of Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D. To the uninitiated, D&D can seem off-putting, and indeed, as one of the more rules-heavy systems out there, it can be intimidating to approach. But from my first game, what drew me in was crafting a character. Even during the first several games I played, surrounded by those interested in using their carefully-crafted character scores to make the best of each battle, I was more fascinated with WHY my character would be doing whatever it was we were doing.

As time has passed, of course, I have been introduced to many other RPG systems, some of them heavier on rules than others. But regardless of how much or how little importance is attached to character backstory and development by the game system itself, that facet has been the most compelling for me. Good character support and focus can make or break a role-playing game for me. Enter Legendaria.

As part of meeting Vincent and the rest of the team at AndoCon 2018 - the Atlanta-based gaming convention that I founded - they told me about this chat-based game they were working on, laughing their way through recounting some of the grand, ridiculous, and sometimes hilarious situations that had come up during their early tests. By the end of one conversation, I was practically begging to be let in on the next beta test.

The concept of Legendaria drew me the same way that the Civilization computer game series by Sid Meier draws me - the idea of playing out an "alternate history", taking real-world historical figures and smashing them together in a free-for-all in the pursuit of dominance. But where Civilization takes place on a global stage, Legendaria  focuses on the people themselves - recognizable faces from history and fable, given incredible powers, and set against each other in a battle royale.

In my first experience with Legendaria, I took the role of the Comte de St. Germain (or in English, the Count of St. Germain), a real-life European adventurer from the 18th century. Not being familiar with this legend at first, I of course had to do some research. Considered by many a brilliant man, a philosopher, an author and a composer, he also had what one may consider an eccentric personality. When asked about his birth or education, he would deflect such questions or more frequently, create fantastic myths such as being a 500-year-old immortal.

This alone would make him an interesting person to meet, but in portraying a magic-imbued fantastical version of him, I had to go over the top. Nothing less would do for a man who was known for inventing such elaborate fictions of his own identity. In my interactions during the game, I waxed eloquently verbose, loading my dialogue with paragraph after paragraph of flowery speech, run-on sentences, and back-handed compliments. Vindicated's own Trey Falco was the World Master for the game, and he assures me I had him gleefully rolling his eyes and laughing at how I could use so many words to say so very little.

What I found most interesting about the experience of playing the foppish Comte was how, despite not literally creating the character from scratch, I was able to take a historical figure and play my version of him so smoothly. Legendaria enabled me to put a unique, personal spin on a person who truly lived. And while some of the Legends available to play are from fairy tales, even those are embedded enough in popular culture, and have enough presence in our written lore, to be no less-established in our cultural awareness than George Washington himself (who, I must confess, was the death of my ill-fated St. Germain).

Legendaria is not an easy game to define or describe to someone who has never played it. It has many markings of an RPG, but is most frequently played digitally over a chat program. Yet, it isn't truly a mobile game, as it is not graphical and requires nothing more than any freely-available chat app, and indeed can even be played on a computer screen. It doesn't really fit within any categories or genres. But we have seen many people grasp it as soon as they truly get started playing, and it is a very easy, approachable game. And with the added benefit of encouraging some historical learning, it could even be considered mildly educational.

So if you haven't yet done so, make sure to give Legendaria a try - you can always ask one of us here at Vindicated for a few pointers, and we try to host games regularly. You never know what historical (or semi-historical) awesomeness you may discover.

Ando Valentine of team Vindicated at PowerCon

Ando has since join us over here at Vindicated! You can follow his new podcast he’s started here.

Stay Awesome!

Flavor Friday: Niblis of Frost

Flavor Friday: Niblis of Frost

Lock the windows tight, close the shutters, pull the curtains. It’s that time of year when the cold begins to think for itself. There are frightful horrors on Innistrad, but none send a chill down my spine quite like the Niblis of Frost.

Welcome to the Lawless Lands - A Western Setting for Legendaria

Wer’ yu goin’ kid? Yu lost?

Lawless Lands is a new western themed scenario hitting Legendaria! The catch? Well, we’re going to need to hit 300 “likes” on Facebook to get there. Sounds like a lot? We can do it! Just invite your gamer Facebook friends to check out the page!

This scenario adds some of your favorite western Legends, stories, as well as a new game format!

If you haven’t yet, become a vscriber! It’s free, and we even have exclusives, behind the scenes, and even a free game (for possibly a limited time), so check that out here.

Stay Awesome!

The Headless Horseman Is Coming To Town

He Would Know When You're Sleeping...IF He Could See. 

That's besides the point though! 

Hey! Hiya! Howdy! How's it going?!

I just wanted to stop by to deliver some lovely news. THE Headless Horseman is officially announced as a Legend in our game.

You can pickup this insanely awesome Legend, by backing our Legendaria here.

Not only that, but if you're a backer, you'll receive a Kickstarter exclusive variant of our horrifically awesome friend! So you'll have the option of whipping your opponent's into shape, or cutting their heads off with a bloodthirsty axe, the choice will be yours! 

Happy Halloween my friends!

Stay Awesome! 

  Headless Horseman artwork in progress

Headless Horseman artwork in progress

We're Going to AgamaCon!

Welcome Spellslinger

Come join us to play Spellslingers : You are a Spellslinger – the wielder of powerful types of magic! In this card game, strategy meets fun and fast gameplay. You can anytime, anywhere, with anyone! We will be offering 5 minute pick up games at our booth all day, everyday, so stop by and say hey!


You can learn more here.

Whether you have played Spellslingers before or not, this casual card game is fun for all. Sign up and join one of our Entry Level Tournaments during a time that fits your schedule! This tournament is for new players and fans alike.

The winner of each tournament will be invited to our Sunday Finals, where we will crown the Spellslinger Champion of Aiken!

Event Times
Saturday Entry Level Tournament
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m.

Sunday Finals
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

*All day, any time at our booth, we will be running pick up Spellslingers games. Only takes 5 minutes!

Hello Darling: A Darling in the Franxx podcast - Episode 02

Does Zero Two Scare You?! Welcome to our second podcast! You can listen by clicking the image below. Also, if you liked this episode, be sure to let me know! We’re releasing our third episode tonight, so stay tuned!

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Flavor Friday: Sporecrown Thallid

Sporecrown Thallid

On Dominaria, in the deep forests, there’s new growth. A forgotten species feels the change of things long before anyone--or anything--else. Before the humans and elves, before the goblins and giants. Before the trees and birds. Spores strewn across every plane are the first to sense what’s coming. Already some gather within a skyship to form an agent. This one will be called Slimefoot. It’ll become one of their crew, he’ll live as the humans, angels, vampires, and Planeswalkers. Travel with them, explore, and learn.

On the other planes there are stirrings. Something is coming. Some great changing point. There’s a dragon at the center of that change. But when isn’t there a dragon at the heart of change? I’ve seen them, big and ugly--usually--and so full of themselves. It’s hard to decide which I find more appalling, their hubris or their breath of flame. We spores know better than to think we’re all there is. We’re only a piece of a much greater whole.

They call me a sporecrown. It sounds important in the simple languages of the bipedal species. It’s the word ‘crown’ they get hung up on. Associating a particular type of hat with royalty. But this thallid is no more special than an individual spore. It’s a collection of spores and every spore is a collection itself. Of memories, tastes, ideas, experience. A sporecrown is meeting place of sorts. If studied at Tolaria West the scholars might conclude that a sporecrown is much like a human brain, and they would be as right as wrong.

In seeing a sporecrown as a brain the scholars would give greater importance to it. They would say “It’s like a brain and rest are like cells, maybe limbs, a toe or ear, not quite as vital.” But that’s where they’re wrong. It’s all vital. It’s all the same thing, just a different view.

The sporecrown is a collection. Instead of a brain, it is better thought as a museum. A museum without a collection of art, displays, and exhibits is nothing more than an empty building. A sporecrown is a home for spores. With a sporecrown they’re stronger.

This one wanders the forests of Dominaria tending new growth. It lifts the cap of a mushroom, scatters some spores on the ground near the stem, and moves on. A saproling wanders up to the sporecrown, jumps onto its back, sits on its shoulder. Soon there’s a trail of saprolings following the sporecrown. The little saprolings double in size while in the presence of the sporecrown, happy to be nurtured.

Today I’m a sporecrown; tomorrow? Maybe a man, maybe cosmic dust, maybe a mushroom in a pan being cooked and eaten. Where I am changes, but what I am does not. Oh, how often the two get confused. It’s something I find...amusing.

Written by: Delio Pera @deliopera &

Hello Darling: A Darling in the Franxx podcast - Episode 01

Wow!!! This show is crazy and I’m loving it. Click the wonderful image below to listen to my thoughts on the first three episodes! I’ll be releasing new episodes of Hello Darling every Saturday night / Sunday morning!

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